The Magic Behind Carnivore


About Us

The trading world has changed. You can trade for free at many different firms. Because trading is commission free, the most important thing for millions of traders is information…what to trade and when. When to buy and when to sell. What to buy and what to sell. We are not day traders. We buy and sell our positions just about every 7 days to up to 60-90 days. You can choose to hold longer, and many people do. We find great companies that many people have never heard of before, and when they see what these companies do, they often want to hold them longer. The power is in your hands. We don’t manage money and we don’t want your account. You manage your account – we show you our explosive trades in quality stocks. No penny stocks, no micro-caps, no options.

Carnivore Trading is a group of professional traders that deliver to its subscriber family (“The Carnivores”) Instant Text Alerts for trades we are doing. We find explosive trade set ups and deliver them in real time to the Carnivores. Our family of Carnivore Traders act on them if they wish at whatever brokerage firm they hold their accounts. Carnivore is not a brokerage and we do not do any trades for you. We show you our trading activity, you choose to do the trade, or don’t – it’s up to you.

Our mission is to put our powerful trading methodology, our systems, our experience, and our knowledge of the trading world into the hands of people just like you so that you can trade like we do and generate the kinds of returns that we believe Wall Street will never be able to deliver to you.


You can trust Dutch, Trader Z and The Donk.

Carnivore Trading was started by Dutch, Donk, and Trader Z, all professional Wall Streeters that have worked together at some of the biggest and best firms on Wall Street and have 100+ years of combined trading and Wall Street experience. We believe that Wall Street has become fundamentally flawed and is now structurally designed to produce mediocrity. Wall Street is living off its former reputation, not who they are today. They are no longer money makers for you, they simply want to keep your money invested at all times and keep making big fees off your account. Unfortunately, they just want the annual fee.

Carnivores that have been trading using our recommendations are experiencing explosive results. You can see some of their statements in our testimonials.

The only money we make at Carnivore comes from our modest subscriber fees. We do not make money on advertising, we do not take money from companies that want us to recommend their stocks. We don’t get you to subscribe and then try to upsell you. Ever. Our company is dedicated to our family of Carnivores.


The Value

We charge everyone the same amount. $175 per month. What we do is worth $25,000 a month to the big hedge funds, and we know a few people that charge that, but that’s not our mission. Our mission is to put bad ass hedge fund manager performance in YOUR hands. We want millions of Carnivores to have access to the power of what a real trading desk is doing in real time, the knowledge, the experience, AND the actual trades…and most importantly, the performance that we get on our accounts.


Quality Trades for Quality People

We only recommend and trade stocks that are listed on an exchange and current in their SEC filings. We trade big, liquid, well followed stocks. No garbage stocks. No micro caps, no OTC stocks, no options, no weird strategies, nothing with less than a $300 million market cap. Most of our stocks are well over $2 billion in market cap. What we recommend can be bought by most large institutional investors, hedge funds, mutual funds, family offices and retirement plans. Quality and liquidity are important to us.


How It Works

You open your account at a discount brokerage firm that allows you to trade cheaply or for free. There are many available today. Just google “commission free trading” and you’ll see them all.

Next, you sign up for Carnivore Trading.

You will then begin getting the live Instant Text Alerts directly from the Trading Desk. These are all sent by Dutch directly to your cell phone, so when you sign up, you must give us your cell phone, it is the only way we deliver the Instant Text Alert trades to you.

When we send you a text alert, it is entirely up to you if you want to trade the recommendation. You should be able to simply and quickly enter your trade in your brokerage account app or website and that’s that. At the end of the day, we give you a summary of any new companies we’ve recommended in the Daily Market Wrap along with a whole lot more.

You also will receive a Welcome Email. In it will be a brief booklet entitled “The Carnivore Way” which was written by the founders of Carnivore. Here we give you the trading rules we live by every day that will help you become a great Carnivore Trader.

At the end of the day, you will get a text with a link in it. It is a link to the Carnivore Trading World Famous Daily Market Wrap. This is worth its weight in gold. Here you are brought up to speed on what happened that day, what trades were made, how Carnivores trades did that day, entertaining commentary from Dutch, charts on stocks we’ve recommended, funny videos from the crazy mind of Dutch, and words of wisdom and picks from Trader Z who is, according to Dutch, “The Greatest Living Trader on Planet Earth.”

We never try to upsell you like the other guys. We’re focused on making money and teaching you to be great traders.

Our free 14 day trial is our way of saying, “What have you got to lose?”


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Sandy from Georgia says:

“These traders, Carnivore, are very adept at finding unique situations to buy, trends, segments of stocks that you and I would probably never ever dream of trying to identify. And I’ve been successful with them. And more importantly, I’ve learned a hell of a lot over the last four months about what to do, and what not to do… The market commentary—the wrap every night—is something that I look forward to and I would think that you would too. It’s an unfiltered, unbiased commentary on the market… It’s the unvarnished truth and in a language that you and I can understand.