Carnivore Trading Portfolio Performance Year-To-Date: +187.13% as of 08/15/22. See disclaimer.


The Magic Behind Carnivore


What is Carnivore?

Carnivore is an investment subscription service that allows its members a “peek behind the curtain” at an actual trading desk run by experienced traders. Subscribers receive real-time texts of real trades every trading day. They also receive a Daily Wrap at the end of each trading day that provides a fun, entertaining analysis of the day’s events, trading activity, and incredible market insight.

Our goal is to teach YOU how to become a great trader.

Who ARE you guys?

Carnivore Trading was founded by Dutch, Trader Z, and Swamp Donkey, all professional Wall Streeters with a combined 100+ years of trading experience. We have worked together at some of the biggest and best firms on Wall Street.
We have paid our dues. The only way to survive in our line of work is to experience the ups and downs of the market, to make money, to lose money, to celebrate and to suffer. Our lengthy time spent trading the markets has left us with great insight and plenty of scars.

We have worked together at some of the biggest and best firms on Wall Street, including:

  • J.P. Morgan
  • Bear Stearns
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Merrill Lynch
  • BT Alex Brown / Bankers Trust

But we’re not just some guys who walked in off the street and became stock brokers. We have degrees from UCLA, Georgia Tech, Georgetown, and Wharton.
In short, we’re grizzled old veterans of the Wall Street that was, and we’re here to share our knowledge and expertise with you.


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In short, the WHY of Carnivore is to help and inspire our subscribers to achieve True Freedom. True Freedom is the financial independence that allows you to take control of your life. You are the boss. You make the choices. You are not controlled by anyone else. This is personal. Be free. You are the hunter now. Live like a lion.


We believe that Wall Street has lost its way and that a new paradigm has emerged. The emergence of zero-commission trading has opened the eyes of the public. A populist stock trading movement has taken hold, as people of all backgrounds have become eager to take control of their personal finances.


Meanwhile, Wall Street and its “Financial Advisors” have gone down the path of institutionalized mediocrity. The industry focus is on gathering assets and charging a fee, not on producing returns for their clients. Critical to their mission is convincing the public that 7-8% annual returns are reasonable, even special.


We disagree. We believe that the old school discipline of actively trading stocks can produce far better results. Make no mistake, this is not easy. We do not “blow smoke.” You will have losing trades at times. A proper trading system must include fundamental and technical research. It requires daily attention during and after trading hours. It demands that traders try to take the human emotion out of the equation. It takes time and dedication, patience and resilience.

True Freedom

The Carnivore team is here to do the heavy lifting. We exist to educate you and help you navigate the turbulent waters of the stock market.

What's the Cost?


The only money we make at Carnivore comes from our modest subscriber fees. We do not make money from advertisers, and we do not make money from companies that want us to recommend their stocks. We do not try to “upsell” you. Ever.

We charge every subscriber the same amount: $175/month (and a 15% discount for the annual subscription). What we do is worth $25,000/month to the big hedge funds, and we know a few services who charge that. That is not our mission. Our mission is to democratize investing for individuals like you. We want millions of Carnivores to have access to the power of what a real trading desk is doing in real time: the knowledge, the experience, AND the actual trades that our systems and traders are triggering.

Quality Trades for Quality People


We do not trade in junk. We trade large, liquid, well-followed stocks. No micro caps, no OTC stocks, no options, no weird strategies. We trade stocks with a minimum market cap of $300 million, and most of our stocks are well over $2 billion in market cap. Quality and liquidity are important to us, as they should be to you.

How It Works


You begin by opening an account at a discount brokerage firm that allows you to trade cheaply or, preferably, for free. There are many available today. Just Google “commission free trading,” and you will see them all. We at Carnivore do not want your investment account. We do not manage your money – you do!


Next, you sign up for Carnivore Trading’s FREE TRIAL. You will then begin to receive the live instant text alerts, showing you the trades we are doing in real time. We share both Buy and Sell orders. You will also receive a welcome email with a helpful Quick Start Guide. At the end of each trading day, you will get the Daily Wrap.


Finally, you decide whether you want to do the trades, or not. It’s your choice. If you choose to do the trades, simply enter them in your online brokerage account.


Of course, there is no contract. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Join the carnivore family today

the first two weeks are free!

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Mike from California says:

“I’ve tried basically every premium stock service there is, and the only one that works is Carnivore. The reason for that is that aside from giving you great stock picks, which they do, they’re also telling you when to buy, how much to buy, when to buy more, when to sell, and most importantly, they’re explaining why. It’s the explaining why they’re doing it that’s really what’s going to teach you to be a better trader. It took me a couple months to figure it out, but over the last couple weeks, I’ve actually started making more money trading than I ever made working.

Sandy from Georgia says:

“These traders, Carnivore, are very adept at finding unique situations to buy, trends, segments of stocks that you and I would probably never ever dream of trying to identify. And I’ve been successful with them. And more importantly, I’ve learned a hell of a lot over the last four months about what to do, and what not to do… The market commentary—the wrap every night—is something that I look forward to and I would think that you would too. It’s an unfiltered, unbiased commentary on the market… It’s the unvarnished truth and in a language that you and I can understand.

Testimonials appearing on this website may not be representative of other clients or customers and is not a guarantee of future performance or success

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