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Welcome to Carnivore Basic.

Get ready to learn the carnivore way and make some money trading stocks like a professional with our daily market insights and long-term stock picks brought to you by our algorithm and veteran traders.

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What's in it for you.

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See Our Top Long-Term Stocks with our curated "Buy-Zones" and detailed briefs on why we like these stocks. 

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Basic Daily Wrap

We take the work out of understanding the financial space, tune in for updates on our portfolio stocks and market insights. 

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Stock Trading Terms to Know

  • Buy

    You are instructing your broker to buy a stock for you.

  • Market Order

    Market Orders tell a brokerage that we want to buy or sell a stock at whatever price it’s trading at. We might enter this order when...

  • Limit Order

    Limit orders set the price at which we want to be filled on a buy or sell order. The limit order is great to use when we see a stock...

  • IPO (Initial Public Offering)

    The initial public offering (IPO) of a company is the day that...

  • Position Sizing

    When we enter a position, even if we don’t say it in the text, it is usually small.  If we’re going large or medium, we try...

  • ETF + Inverse ETF

    Similar to mutual funds are the Exchange Traded Fund (ETFs). The primary difference is that ETFs can...

  • Profit Factor

    Profit Factor (PF) is a metric for measuring success. It is one of...

  • Sucker Pop

    A sucker pop is when the market makers have a lot of inventory left over from the previous day that they want to sell...

  • The Box

    Carnivores will often hear Dutch say that a stock is “in the box.”  What he means is that a stock is in a consolidation...

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Resources for Stock Traders & Investors


Once you start learning and trading, it can be hard to stop - trust us, we get it. Listen to our Wall Street investors break down their favorite books.

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Walk through the stock screening process we use to find explosive swing trades.

best stock picking services for swing traders

Compare performance and reviews of services like Trade Ideas, SwingTrader, Mindful Trader and more. 

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Ever hear a trader use words that mean nothing to you? This is the resource for you - 40 stock trading terms you need to know!