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12 Stocks for the 12 Days of Christmas with Free Trial

Carnivore Trading and its legendary Hall of Fame Traders announced today a special Christmas gift for those who sign up for their two-week Free Trial at For this limited time only, with your no-obligation free trial, Carnivore’s Master Trader, the Legendary Trader Z will deliver a stock a day leading up to Christmas for a total of 12 “boomer” stocks that Carnivore believes can be held for a year or longer and may generate significant market outperformance over the next 12 months.

Carnivore specializes in recognizing specific chart patterns and “setups” that can produce explosive stock trades and analyzes only quality stocks that trade on major exchanges and are fully reporting institutional quality stock. Now with subscribers in multiple countries, from hedge fund and mutual fund managers to the regular guy, Carnivore’s sector calls have become well known. In 2021 they called the Marine Shipping, Uranium, Lithium, and bitcoin miners sectors early. They were among the first research houses to provide research on the bitcoin miners and they continue to pioneer unique ways of approaching stock trading and investing with their systems and methodologies.

Dutch Masters of Carnivore explains, “Our Carnivore Family members come from all walks of life and we think probably have investment funds that they use for shorter-term trading, but also funds that they want to just buy and hold something for at least a year and get a capital gain. We challenged our genius trader, Trader Z, with the idea of providing the Carnivore Family of traders with 12 amazing stocks, some of which they may have never heard of but are poised to be big boomers. The first three are already picked, and they can be found in our World Famous End of Day Market Wrap Up each day as we add to the list. If people sign up for the free trial now, they will get all the picks.”

Carnivore’s Legendary Trader Z has identified 12 stocks that he believes will benefit from what he calls the “Big Wheel Cycles.”  Cycles exist on many levels, from short-term trends to long-term trends.  The Big Wheel Cycle represents the broad trends that should continue for many years.  Trader Z suggests the following themes and sectors:

– Crypto and Crypto-Related
– The Electrification of the Transportation Sector
– Semiconductors
– Solar and Alt Energy
– Technology-Enabled Healthcare
– Fintech
– Encryption

Trader Donk said, “We are giving away this small slice of our powerful research tools as a gift to those that might have an interest in trading great stocks. With a Free Trial and no obligation and the ability to cancel at any time, what have you got to lose?”

About Carnivore Trading

Carnivore Trading is the fastest-growing community of Hall of Fame stock traders on earth. Led by a group of rogue Wall Streeters that left their firms to bring powerful trading skills to the average person throughout the world, they remain anonymous and deliver the trades they are triggering to their trading family by instant text and email alert. Carnivore Trading is not a broker-dealer and not an advisor and manages no money for subscribers to its service. Carnivore Trading NEVER asks you to open an account with them or tries to upsell you to some higher-priced version of itself. For a low monthly fee, anyone across the world can have access instantly to what the top traders at Carnivore Trading are doing and thinking. Each day there is a Market Wrap Up sent directly to your smartphone, which is packed with macroeconomic analysis, sector calls, annotated stock charts, a chart reading university, quotes from famous top traders, a bull/bear gauge, and a rundown of the specific stocks bought or sold that day and a recap of the day’s trading action and much more. For more information and a 14-day free trial, go to

The Model Portfolio is a hypothetical portfolio.

** After the free trial period ends, a low monthly subscription of $175 per month is charged. There is no minimum and a subscriber can cancel the service at any time. See Terms and Conditions for more information.