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Carnivore Trading Announces New Sector Focus



September 20, 2021

Carnivore Trading announced that the Cyber Security sector will be its new sector focus.

Carnivore Trading is a rapidly growing secretive group of Hall of Fame traders led by the legendary Trader Z, they provide macroeconomic, sector, fundamental and technical research and analysis, as well as real time trading alerts, to its subscriber base. Focused on institutional quality equities with over $300 million in market capitalization, Carnivores last three sector focuses were uranium, marine shipping, and bitcoin mining companies.

“Trader Z drove us into uranium before the stocks took off, recognizing that a catalyst for the sector had emerged, the Sprott Uranium Fund,” said Dutch Masters, one of the Carnivore Traders. “Before uranium he drove us into the bitcoin miners, recognizing a subtle but powerful shift had taken place there. The bitcoin miners, now some of them with the backing of funds like BlackRock and Fidelity, could now hold the bitcoin they mine instead of selling it, thereby driving the value of the companies balance sheet assets up rapidly. This shift, we thought, would be recognized by the market and drive up stock prices, which it appears to have done. The management teams of some of these miners have shifted their focus on making money on the public stock increasing in price rather than solely on making money mining and selling bitcoin, which we thought was a major change in strategy that could benefit shareholders, and we have been correct thus far. Our trade thesis was that bitcoin prices would at least hold up or go up, and this would provide even more octane to those stocks.”

Carnivore previously had been very early on the marine shipping trade which has become one of the hottest sectors in the market over the past 8 months. Carnivore even sent its people down to the docks to count ships and talk to the longshoremen and truckers pulling containers out of the port to find out what they were experiencing. This “boots on the ground” research combined with analysis of shipping demand and supply and pricing led to Carnivore triggering its first moves into the sector in April 2021 with names like ZIM Integrated Shipping, Golden Ocean, and Genko Shipping.

Dutch said, “Now everyone is on the trade now that the sector is showing up on everybody’s top Relative Strength screens and articles are being written about the “perfect storm” in the sector causing it to boom after 15-20 years of being fairly benign, but we have a unique way of identifying opportunities and aren’t afraid to do ground level research. For example, nobody on Wall Street that we saw was talking about the marine shipping trade in early 2021, but we could see the ships stacking up down the coast of California trying to get into the Long Beach Harbor and the number of ships just kept growing. That peaked our interest and that’s when we started digging in. As we were beginning to reopen after the pandemic, everyone wanted everything right now, but there are only so many operating container ships on the planet and you can’t just drop a new container ship into the water when you need it – they take years to build and get tested and approved, so the supply was limited and demand was skyrocketing. We knew prices had to follow and we were right.”

“With this new sector focus on Cyber Security what we see is plenty of demand, that’s no secret, but the technical analysis is telling us that these stocks have consolidated now for a period and that they may be ready to move again. Of course we love the big dogs in the space like Zscaler, Fortinet, CrowdStrike and Palantir, but we found a sleeper, a smaller one, that we like called Identiv, symbol INVE, that we think will participate and seems to be breaking right now,” said Mr. Masters.

About Carnivore Trading

Carnivore Trading is the fastest growing community of Hall of Fame stock traders on earth. Led by a group of secretive and anonymous rogue Wall Streeters that left their firms to create Carnivore, they have ties all over the Street. They remain anonymous and deliver real time trade alerts and multidiscipline research to their trading family by instant text alert and a daily digital newsletter called the Market Wrap. Carnivore Trading is not a broker dealer and not an advisor and manages no money for subscribers to its service. For a low monthly fee, anyone across the world can have access instantly to what the top traders at Carnivore Trading are doing and thinking as well as macroeconomic analysis, sector calls, annotated stock charts, chart reading university, quotes from famous top traders, a bull/bear gauge, and a rundown of the specific stocks bought or sold that day and a recap of the days trading action. For more information and a free 2 week trial, go to