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Transitory Inflation Vanishes, Now Mask Mandates Vanish

The Dufus Patrol in DC (that’s what we call the idiots in DC collectively) have a simple pattern. They make stuff up, like the word “transitory” and apply it to inflation, to make it sound soft and gentle, and to lead us to believe that it will go away. They trot Yellen and President Kamala-Biden out to the media to talk about this thing they made up called “transitory inflation” and then the media picks it up and they harp on it for a week or two and we hear it literally thousands of times. They even got poor old Jerome Powell and the Fed to talk about it.

Then, when he just couldn’t stand it anymore, Powell reverses course a few months later and calls baloney on himself and the others in the Dufus Patrol, saying that it probably isn’t transitory, it’s persisting. And here we are many months later, and we all know the truth. Inflation is here, big time, and it isn’t even close to transitory, it’s very persistent, and just to drive the point home to you directly Presidents Harris-Biden, virtually NO prices have gone down, virtually EVERY price that matters, from oil to gas to fertilizer to meat and food and wheat and soybeans have done nothing but GO UP and set record highs. In summary, you were either wrong or just lying to us about inflation – or both. Even with the supply chain working itself out, as we predicted it would, prices have not come down. We talk every day to the people on the ground who raise cattle, ship things, run oil and gas operations, grow and process our food – they make up the Carnivore Family of Hall of Fame Traders that has crushed the performance of the DOW going on two years in a row with staggering returns. What they tell us is firsthand information.

That’s the beauty of being a Carnivore Trader…the information we share is firsthand, not from some guy wearing a suit that’s too tight in a high rise in NY City and not from some doofus in Washington DC. The Carnivores are the ranchers, the truckers, the execs at oil, gas, food, power plants, real estate developers and contractors, manufacturers of just about everything and they’re from just about every walk of life and THEY KNOW what’s happening in their businesses and sectors of the economy and they’re telling us that these now prices are here to stay for the most part, at least for some longer period of time.

We have said from the beginning when they first uttered the word “transitory” that it was bull crap. And here we are all these months later, and gasoline in CA is now soaring over $5/gallon – I would suspect that it will soar over $4/gallon for the rest of the nation, and we think that when it hits $5/gallon in the rest of the country, that’s when it becomes DEATH to the Biden administrations hopes for anything they want to pass, and death to their hopes of maintaining the House or Senate.

Our fix on this inflation thing is simple: Like we said in an article published about 8 months ago, “everything will cost more now, forever.” And we’re serious about that. And the reason just isn’t that hard to understand. Over the last 30 years, our country and the world have benefitted from some amazingly low prices for commodities across the board. That simply doesn’t last forever. The supply chain accelerated the problem causing a temporary glitch in the system that did nothing more than highlight this fact, frankly. And now that it has happened, we don’t think prices retrace back to 2019 levels – not even close. We think the price of just about everything that matters that goes into everything we eat and build with and use to grow things – will stay up and up higher than before. A new plateau so to speak.

And just like the narrative about transitory inflation, the unending relentless media pounding of the masks and vaccine mandates is now disappearing. One of our presidents, the Joe one, said in the SOTU speech that mask mandates are over. Oh. OK. So you ruin lives with draconian policies, you shame people that don’t vax or don’t believe that masks actually work worth a damn, you squash any dialogue about low-cost existing treatments and literally FORCE expensive vaccinations down the throats of Americans and their children using the threat of losing their jobs, losing their pensions, and not being allowed to continue college, you psychologically impact children’s self-esteem and frighten them to death about even going outside or being near other humans, you close their schools, you destroy literally millions of businesses permanently, and now, it’s just supposed to all go away? Like that? No apology to the American people for how WRONG you were and your insane mantra citing follow the science – when in fact, you could never cite the actual science you were talking about specifically because the science didn’t exist to back up your policies or your use of emergency powers. You used the word “science,” but you never produced the science to back up your policies and your use of emergency powers to strip Americans of their freedom of movement and ruin lives. You divided a nation and families over this totally man-made issue, and yet there are no consequences for anyone? Does no one get anything more than a harsh grilling by Rand Paul? Everyone skates?

Shame on you in power. Shame on all of us who didn’t resist this. It was really scary to see our nation slip into what was very, very similar to a Nazi state as it related to the Virus Scam of the Century. My only hope is that the next time these power-hungry elites try to invoke the next “emergency power” situation, the people rise up and say no. But unfortunately, I doubt that will be the case. I was shocked at how many people didn’t think for themselves, didn’t see the obvious lies, and didn’t “follow the money” to understand what was really happening around them. Instead, millions acted like sheep and did whatever they were told without a second thought. And worse, they were turning in their neighbors to police for going into stores without a mask, or other insanity. I hope I never see it again.