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Lets Get Down to the Basics

Welcome to Your Interactive Product Tour

Hello Carnivore Basic family! We're delighted to welcome you aboard. This service is designed to empower your financial journey by offering a curated portfolio of extremely strong stock picks and a daily wrap with the latest updates on these stocks and the broader market landscape.


Here, you'll discover an in-depth guide on how to use this product, what to expect, and strategies to optimize your experience. Let's get started Carnivores.


How to Start Following Trades


Get to Know the User Portal

With the User Portal we aim to place all your resources right at your fingertips. This is your home base. Upon logging into your account, you'll land here, where you can easily navigate to your two primary resources: the Portfolio Page and the Daily Wrap Page.


Explore the Intermediate Portfolio

The Portfolio Page is divided into two sections: one that shows you WHAT we like (the Portfolio Chart) and another explaining WHY we like it (the Stock Breakdown). The aim is to provide you with all the necessary tools to help you determine if each of these stocks is the right fit for you.

Part 1: Portfolio Chart

To assist you in navigating the intermediate portfolio chart, we have created an interactive tour that explains the significance of each column and how it can be utilized to inform your decisions. Our team of seasoned Wall Street investors has designed this portfolio to be less volatile than our core product, Carnivore Pro. Consequently, while this portfolio will evolve over time, it will do so less frequently.

Screen Shot 2024 01 02 at 10.32.52 AM

Each stock on the market is represented by a ticker name—a unique symbol used for trading on stock exchanges. This shorthand is essential for investors to quickly and efficiently identify and refer to different stocks during trading and research.


The name here is easy enough. This column represents the actual company name. If you want to do your own research, you can use this name to find out more about the business. Pro tip: When purchasing a stock, check the match between the ticker symbol and name. There are many tickers and it can be easy to accidentally have a typo!

Entry Date

The Entry Date refers to when we added this stock to our hypothetical portfolio. This shows you how long we have been holding onto this stock. Use this date along with the entry price to decide when and if it is a good time to jump in for YOU.

Entry Price

Entry Price, abbreviated as Entry Px, shows you what price the Carnivores purchased the stock for. Since this number represents a point in time, you can use it as a reference point. You can purchase it at a lower price for added benefit, or if the price is too high, decide if you want to enter there or wait.

Current Price

Current Price, abbreviated as Current Px, shows you what price the stock is trading for that day. Because the stock changes every few seconds, we tell you what time the stocks were last updated, but it may also be helpful to look at the current price on your trading platform. Remember, this is a long-term holding portfolio, so slight intraday price fluctuations are less important.

% Gain/Loss

This percentage is a calculation to quickly evaluate the performance of our picks. This metric shares that, using our purchase price, the stock has either grown by X% or decreased by X%.


With any trade, it is important to set a “stop” or a previously agreed-upon stock value that will trigger you to sell the stock at a certain level of loss. This practice helps ensure you are smart with your investments. The stop calculated here is 12% below our entry price; feel free to use our formula [ Entry Price * .88 ] to calculate your specific stop or adjust for your comfort.

Buy up to

This column shows you what we believe to be the maximum value the stock can be priced at and still be advantageous to purchase based on our entry point. If the current price is higher than the “buy up to” value, it signals that the price might be too high to make strong profits.

Buy Zone

To simplify your experience, we use calculations based on “buy up to” prices, current prices, and more to determine whether it is a good time to purchase this stock. Remember, even if it is not currently in the buy-zone it might reenter at a different time.

Part 2: Stock Breakdown

One aspect that distinguishes our service is our commitment not just to tell you what we favor but also to explain the rationale behind it. With over 20 years of experience as a financial advisor on Wall Street, Trader Z provides a comprehensive breakdown of how industry professionals select and vet the stocks included in our portfolio. These insights aim to guide your purchasing decisions and educate you on what criteria to consider in stock selection.

Screen Shot 2024 01 08 at 11.38.37 AM

Every company in the market is known by its distinct name, which reflects its brand and operations within the industry. Understanding the company name is crucial for investors to research its performance history, news, and financial health.


Each stock belongs to one of the 11 market sectors. Sector analysis is a key metric used by Trader Z to curate our stock picks. We include this detail as an additional categorization method, aiming to enhance your understanding of each stock by revealing the sector it resides in.


Each stock is listed on a specific stock exchange, which is an important detail in understanding its trading environment and regulatory context. The stock exchange — be it NYSE, NASDAQ, or another — influences trading hours, volatility patterns, and visibility among investors. For quick identification, we include the ticker symbol, the unique abbreviation representing the stock on its exchange.

Why We Like It

The "Why We Like It" section aims to provide insight into our perspective on each stock and the reasons we believe it holds long-term potential. This is derived from a combination of various screening methods and our past experience. Please remember that this information is intended for educational purposes and represents our opinions; it should not be construed as financial advice.


By clicking on “See Live Stock Performance” you are directed to the Google finance page that corresponds to the stock. This allows you to see many different metrics in real-time. Beyond our assessment of the stocks it might be helpful for you to investigate yourself!


Stay in the Loop With Our Daily Wrap

This is our daily wrap, where we highlight market movements. Make it a habit to tune in daily for updates that directly affect your portfolio, including changes, new additions, recommended removals, and news highlights. Stay informed and ahead of the curve with each day's recap.


Trader Z's Day In Review

Market breakdown, screener analysis, and a deeper dive into Trader Z's insights — this is where the learning and magic happen. Engage with these sections to understand the trading world better and uncover the strategies behind successful investments. Here, we blend education with insight to empower your trading journey.

Chart Analysis

This section delivers a focused daily analysis of the S&P 500 and/or other key market indicators, complete with expert commentary. These insights, separate from your personal portfolio, offer a broader view of the market's movements. Use this knowledge to consider potential additions to your portfolio or as a learning tool to understand market dynamics—it's your journey to chart!


Frequently Asked Questions

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