What happened in the market today?

DOW was UP +13

NASDAQ was UP +49






Highlights and Headlines


Trader Z’s call on the Treasury falling is happening. Down to 1.43% at the open paving the way for TechLand to rally!


We called out the potential for serious stagflation about a week ago in the Wrap. Now other are talking about it. We were first – again. See the guys that are now commenting about it down in the Commentary.


Russia is raising rates to curb inflation.


According to Bloomberg, Tiger Global’s flagship hedge fund declined -6.3% last month. Hey. We were up +19.7%












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Trader Z is on an island and logging in with Dutch as needed.




Current Live Positions and Data

Green means we may add. Red we are not adding.

Bold target date = next 30 days



Our Weightings

Colors have no meaning.



Position Summary**

We have a total of 20 positions

19 Long Positions

1 Short Positions

At/In the Money:17

Out of the Money:3

Biggest Unrealized Gains: GLBE  +61.4%

Biggest Unrealized Loss : PLBY  -9.6%

No Options

No Micro Caps

No Penny Stocks

No Weird Stuff




SELLS /Avg Gain-Loss/Days Held:

*GLBE  +76.65%  22 days

FLL  -11.2%  14 days

VVNT  +0.78%%  15 days

TTCF  -1.27%  16 days

BGFV  -10.98%  17 days

CRH  +3.48%  31 days

CX  +0.12%  28 days

BYND  -1.90%  4 days

FANG  -4.68%  2 days

*Partial Sales – We continue to hold some of the position.

**From initial buy trigger




We added to the XHB short trade.








Px: $45.35  Target $51.24 by 7/5





ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd., together with its subsidiaries, provides container shipping and related services in Israel and internationally. The company provides seaborne transportation and logistics services comprising dry, reefer, project, out of gauge, breakbulk, and dangerous cargo services; inland transport services; and ZIMonitor, a reefer cargo tracking service. As of March 31, 2021, it operated a fleet of 101 vessels with a global network of 69 weekly lines. ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd. was founded in 1945 and is headquartered in Haifa, Israel.




Morning Session

Time to Trade Carnivores!

Since Dutch is on the radio in Alabama, its just appropriate that we play this! And Dutch likes the piano players hat a lot.

We cleaned house in the AM with 6 stocks that were not acting right in one way or another. We’re traders, not investors. The longer we’re in a trade that isn’t moving along towards our target, especially if it is past its resolution date or target date, then the risk of it becoming a problem – a loos – or a bigger loss – goes way up. That’s the facts. Are all of these stocks going to go down now? No. Most will eventually be rock stars and go way up because we deal in great companies for the most part, but we’re not here to put 60 stocks in the portfolio and sit around for 2 years and wait. That is not what we do.

DOW and NAS open up, the 10-Year Treasury rate is falling, which is paving the way for TechLand to rally and boom. This is exactly what Trader Z said would happen. We want to be in bigger cap tech names. Stand by for that.

Whoa. GLBE is blowing off to the upside like crazy. I mean, this is nuts! It’s up 3 points, then 5, then 6, then 8. What is happening? Well, it looks like we had another one where the hedgies waited until the newly traded company has announced earnings, and they did their analysis and decided to make a play here and drop some heavy money into the stock heading into the next quarter. We bought it at $28 and now we’re selling to them at $52 and holding onto a small amount.

Agador Spartacus, my butler/chef is listening to us while he makes my Avocado Toast – and he starts singing “Tigers and Oats and Fangs, Tigers and Oats and Fangs, I love all of these thangs…” I get what he’s doing. He hears us talking about stock symbols. TIGR, OTLY, and FANG. Funny guy.

You know why we’re gonna be up pretty big it looks like today? Because our largest positions are SB, DBX, OTLY, PLBY, NVDA, GOGL, JKS. That’s why. If you have NOT been paying attention and scaled into these stocks as they came in and started working, then you won’t have anywhere near the success we are having, and that’s what a lot of you are asking us about. you should. We talk about this down below, because we have gotten a lot of emails and texts about this.

Our buddies at ZeroHedge have dropped the hammer on homes and cars. They’re newest article lays out exactly what we thought was happening…a hangover in the space – record collapse in plans people are making to buy homes and cars. This is why we went short the XHB – we saw this coming and laid it all out for you. The reopening trade is stalling. Rates are dropping, causing TEchLand to rally up. Oil will not do great, so we had to change our direction there and sold FANG. MGY? Still climbing so we hold for now.

Afternoon Session

We make the turn into the afternoon session of trading in NYC and we see DOW -62 and NASDAQ +5 points. This hangover and stall in the reopening trade may weigh on the DOW stocks – we want to get long into TechLand now. We’re on it. Looking at it. Choosing where to go next there. Stand by on that.

But don’t you worry – us Country Boys can take care of business with you all. We can get you where you need to go. We got us four wheel drives!

I just realized how lucky I was to have the mentors I had. One in particular that taught me an amazing amount about the nuances of the Street. One of the things he taught me in my first week was “Always listen to everyone. Nobody has a monopoly on good ideas”. That’s why I liked this scene – it reminded me of him. He talked to everyone.

Coming into the last hour this gorgeous Friday we see the DOW -27 and the NAS +24 – so basically flat as hell – but our stocks are performing by and large, the Carnivore Account up nicely.

The afternoon is spent looking at where we want to go with capital on Monday if the market looks OK. What’s on the radar is APPS, MDCA, COUP, NOW, TEAM, CRWD and ZS.

We hope you had some success this week and that you slide into the weekend smooth and cool. As for Dutch, he’s gonna jump on the Harley and roll it north or south – flip a coin. Doesn’t matter. Just stay solid like a rock with Carnivore. We’ll take you where you need to go.

OK!!  Trading Done for the Day!






Pay attention to rates now. We’ve seen the 10-year drop from 1.7% down to 1.6 and then break straight through support at 1.53% to now 1.46%. This is the TEchLand set up. The traders still don’t believe it 100% and there is a ton of money on the sidelines waiting for more assurance, but we aren’t waiting. Trader Z said this would happen and it is. The next stop for the 10 year, the next support , is around 1.29%. Meanwhile, we have the S+P 500 moving up and now, has minor resistance at 4238. It’s going to likely break through it, and if it does, that will drive a TON of momentum money into the market driving stocks like NVDA up. It’s actually happening right now already. According to some of the pundits we respect on the Street like Katy Stockton, this is the healthiest market we’ve seen in forever. We’ve had corrections in sectors, so its not like everything is flying up, and there is still a ton of room for the TechLand stocks to run with stocks like ZM for example STILL being down 35% off its high, but up 20% from it bottom. As this reality of lower rates comes to us over the next weeks (and barring something stupid is said or done by the Dufus Patrol in DC) we should be in good shape for new highs.

Biotech companies are all over our screens today. This is usually a sign that hedgies are getting defensive, which would make sense to me since the reopening/reflation trade appears to be fading and failing and the Dufus Patrol in DC can’t seem to figure out what to do about it except to do nothing. Inflation is rocketing up and they’re letting that happen on purpose because what better way to flush all the stimi debt they’ve issued due to the manufactured Virus Scam of the Century. Got to make that debt worthless, so devalue the dollar, flush it, make it go away. Inflate it away. It’s the oldest monetary trick in the book.

As for our moves today, we are operating on the idea that its all about TechLand and Special Situations and that’s about it. Our sector call is tech, the number one stock that Trader Z would tell you has the lowest risk and the highest potential for a gain right now is NVDA, followed by a combination special situation tech stock, DBX. He also like ZS and CRWD. Dutch is still hammering away on the marine shippers, which will, run out of steam here at some point, but maybe not for a month. So he’s riding them. And the early trading special situation trades like GLBE (also tech) and PUBM (also tech) and some others like TIGR, PLTR, BLNK, SKYT are all in the mix here. Solar is coming back and our JKS is booming today. Our call on HNST worked out very well and is sold now. Our exit today on GLBE which we were right on top of – texting you our sell on it when it spiked – was just about perfect and we retain a few shares in a small position. OTLY is performing exactly right. The hedgies are coming in, the RSI is beautiful and the volume indicators look great. Target $30 looks like no problem here.



The set up is not here for TechLand to run up. Trader Z called the rates to drop, and now, with the reopening trade fading, the stimi checks running out, the Biden Administration can’t juice this economy. There is no Infrastructure Bill yet. So we have the perfect set up for the long duration stocks (tech) to move and move big. We think there are new highs coming on the NASDAQ. Been saying if for days, maybe weeks.

Don’t trust me! Here’s an excerpt for you from so guys that are smarter than me.


So does this mean that the reflation trade is over even though prices are soaring so much, a record number of Americans are putting off home, car, durable purchasing plans?

Well, as McElligott says, “gun to my head, I’d say that without a “tighter” Labor market to stoke the flames again, 1) “Reflation” is out of gas into this “Goldilocks 2.0” economic backdrop inflection and will continue to moderate on further positioning-cleanse, 2) UST long-end / Duration simply will not be able hold a sell-off and 3) Real Yields will not be able to move higher.”



We have, over the last three weeks, gotten a ton of people writing in about how to weight their portfolio’s, what should they do to mimic our trades exactly, and how come they aren’t getting the same returns we are, etc. There’s a lot to address with this but lets break it down, cause its actually all very simple.


First, when we do an initial buy, its small 99% of the time. So start small. When it starts to work, we start adding to it, we call that scaling in. We add, we add, we add and then if it keeps on working, look! Now its in the top 10, then the top 5 stocks. Scale into the winners.

Second thing: Ride the winners up…and cut your losers quickly. Most people do EXACTLY the opposite. I’ve seen it on paper, OK? You get excited about a gain, you take it. A $400 gain on GLBE should have been a $5,000 gain on a $7,000 investment. But you put in $7,000 into the trade and you took it off when it was up $400! What are you doing? Your account should, at the end of the month, your statement should have a series of small losses. A fair number of trades where you took small losses. And a few bangers where you had been riding something up for a month or so and then you sold it. So – loss of 2.5%, loss of 5%, loss of 3.8%, loss of 4%, GAIN of 41%, GAIN of 67%, GAIN of 21%.

And that leads us to number 3 thing: It is NOT IMPORTANT that you win on all your trades. In fact, it is the least important part of all of this. You can lose on 70% of your trades – if you’re taking a series of small losses – and make money because on the 30% of winners, you make serious bank, real money, you scaled into the stock as it was going up, and you rode it like we just did today with GLBE from $28.80/share purchase to $52/share sale. That’s a banger, that’s a boomer, that’s what makes up for the FLL’s and the BGFV’s that we take our small losses on, OK? That’s called Money Management! You’re scaling into winners, you’re taking a series of small losses, you’re cutting losers – remember they don’t care that you own them, only you do and that’s just foolish. Never, ever get married to a stock. It will cheat on you in a heartbeat! So if it isn’t working, throw her or him to the curb like the dirty trash that he/she is! It’s just a stock! Opportunities abound! It’s like blondes in California…there’s one walking by every 4 minutes.


Start Small

Scale into winners

Cut losers quickly

The number of winners versus losers is not that important. Your money management is!


And by the way, our level of accuracy is WAY better than others out there. We just saw a “swing trading” site that just had like 10 losers in a row! Come on Man! We are killing those guys on accuracy. I’m going to put out the numbers after this I swear because its stunning the level of accuracy we have comparatively speaking.

Like Trader Z says, “We have for the first time in our lives the greatest opportunity to get rich we’ve ever seen. You gotta get in the game and put the pedal down man!”

“I’m talking liquid. Rich enough to have your own jet. Rich enough not to waste time. $50, $100 million dollars.”



The Hangover Arrives: Explosive Inflation Leads To Record Collapse In Home, Car Purchase Plans


FRIDAY, JUN 11, 2021 – 11:03 AM

For the past several months we have warned about the pernicious effects soaring prices are having on both corporations (“Buckle Up! Inflation Is Here!) and consumers (“This Is Not Transitory”: Hyperinflation Fears Are Soaring Across America“), prompting even otherwise boring sellside research to get  (hyper) exciting, with Deutsche Bank (which warned this week that “Inflation Is About To Explode “Leaving Global Economies Sitting On A Time Bomb“) and Bank of America (which “Just Threw Up All Over The Fed’s “Transitory” Argument“) now openly claiming that the Fed is wrong, and the US is facing an unprecedented period of far higher, non-transitory inflation, with DB going so far as to warn “policymakers will face the most challenging years since the Volcker/Reagan period in the 1980s.”

But none of this has spooked the Fed into conceding – or believing – that inflation is anything more than transitory. And maybe just this once, the Fed has a point because all else equal, by which we mean lack of rising wages, the best cure to higher prices is, well… higher prices.

Presenting Exhibit A: two weeks ago, we observed that anticipating an end to Biden’s stimmy bonanza end and that soon they will have to live again within their means, Americans’ buying intentions (6 months from today) as measured by the Conference Board, had cratered across the 3 major spending categories: homes, automobiles and major household appliances.


This, for better or worse, screams not only stagflation but also permanently higher prices, as Curting elaborates:

… in the emergence from the pandemic, consumers are temporarily less sensitive to prices due to pent-up demand and record savings as well as improved job and income prospects. The acceptance of price increases as due to the pandemic, makes inflationary psychology more likely to gain a foothold if the exit is lengthy.

The problem: sooner or laters the stimmies will end, but prices by then will already be fixed higher, and good luck trying to pull them down.

While expansive monetary and fiscal policies are still warranted, the accompanying rise in inflation will cause uneven distributional impacts. Those impacts have already been noticed in June among the elderly and lower income households. A shift in the Fed’s policy language could douse any incipient inflationary psychology, it would be no surprise to consumers, as two-thirds already expect higher interest rates in the year ahead.

Oh, and for those saying wage hikes may be permanent we have some bad news: employers know very well that the extended unemployment benefits bonanza ends in September at which point millions of currently unemployed workers will flood back into the labor force sending wages sharply lower, and is why instead of raising base pay, most potential employers offer one-time bonuses, which – as the name implies – are one-time. As for higher wage pressures, well… just wait until October when everything reverses, Uncle Sam is no longer a better paying competitor to the US private sector, and wages slump.

What does that mean for the economy? Well, all those producers and retailers who got used to bumper demand and pushed their prices sharply and not so sharply higher, will face a stark choice: either drag prices right back down, or sell far fewer goods and services. That, or just await the next bailout.

One thing is certain: six months from today, the US economy will be far, far uglier.



Dutch was on the Fred Holland Show today in Huntsville Alabama – it will run on Wednesday next week. But he asked about inflation and taxes and such, so here’s what I told him about taxes:

The idea that we should raise taxes to “pay for” all the stimulus is absurd. You can’t raise enough taxes to pay for your stimulus! You just print all the money you want anyway, so why you want to take my money and lie to me about using it to pay for stimulus. Why don’t you tell me the truth – that you want to take my money and give it to someone else – you want to reallocate my money to someone else. You want to make me poorer and make someone else richer. Now that is the truth, so lets stop dancing around it. All this narrative you’re spinning out there to make people that have worked hard and created something feel guilty for their money is designed to beat me into submission so that I will ALLOW you to tax me and take my money and give it to someone else.

Now I just have a solution for all of that. Why don’t you just print the money and give it to who you want to give it to – and LEAVE MY MONEY ALONE. Don’t raise my taxes, cause I earned this money. You want to give it to someone that didn’t earn it, print it and give it to them. You’re already doing it! So leave my money alone. Keep your hands off of it. There’s a reason why Joe Rogan left California for Texas, a reason by Ben Shapiro left Los Angeles for Tennessee, why Elon Musk is leaving California for Texas. Hey, I love the beaches in California but I heard a rumor that Florida has beaches and no taxes, right? Why should I pay governor dipsh** 18% of my money? I’d rather give that money to the 19 kids and 4 ex-wives I’m rumored to have. Not to mention, Dutch has to make sure his girlfriends boyfriends have a car and some spending money, because those losers aren’t working. My girlfriends have this unending need for cash flow that is supposedly used for nails and hair and “treatments” of some kind or another. It’s baffling what women spend money on I declare! But they damn sure look good, right?!

Dutch’s Ladies



Carnivore led the way on driving our trading capital into the marine shipping business, SB is our largest position and we also own GOGL. Here you can see below how things are going with prices there.

An interesting note pointed out by our friends at Zerohedge is that now that these companies are making buckets of money, they’re investing in new ships. The ship building side of this is an interesting play, the demand being so high that they’re not even giving quotes on prices for a new ship, just put your order in and we will tell you the price later. Part of that is that the yards can’t tell what steel is going to cost to build it, etc. The thing we liked about owning the stock in the ships that are currently floating is that a shipping company can’t instantly add capacity. They can’t just drop 50 new ships into the water. It takes a lot of time to build one ship. So when we saw demand going up with the reopening, we saw the perfect storm – prices can go way up, the companies can make serious money floating the ships they have, and nobody can go anywhere else to get lower prices because what is floating in the ocean is what it floating and that number isn’t going to increase AT ALL in a year or longer!

This has led to the comment from ZeroHedge below:

“Container ship orders have been so strong that some yards are shying away from quotes and or even renegotiating existing orders for vessels as the price of metals, such as steel, has more than doubled this year. Thanks to stimmy checks and remote working, Western consumers have been on a purchasing spree of products from overseas, and major retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target, have struggled to restock as supply disruptions continue to plague the world. Global shipyards receiving a flurry of new orders with build times that take well over a year may prove to be a disastrous investment for some shippers if the global economy slumps due to declining credit impulse and risks of a Fed taper. However, the Fed could unleash Universal Basic Income, and Americans could splurge their stimmy checks every month on worthless Chinese products.”

Don’t you love ZeroHedge? The guy is probably a Carnivore! He lays it out and we love it.



Here’s the Story On PUBM from Motley Fool Last Night

In 2020 Carnivore identified PUBM as a “mini-TTD”. This is saying a lot, because in 2020 we traded TTD from around $260 a share to over $900 a share in a few months time. When we saw PUBM we thought, Wow, we might have found a smaller version of TTD here! So we like the company and what they do and the sector they’re in, and the play now with PUBM is that the short interest is now 50%+ of the float. To us, that means that this thing is ripe for a squeeze, and in that scenario, we can win and win really, really big. And yesterday, we bought near the close – it was strong all day when many of the other meme stocks were really taking a beating, so we think this one could be the next one that the Reddit Army decides to run up. We will see.

From Motley:

PubMatic: An under-the-radar digital advertising platform

Digital advertising software firm PubMatic, which had its IPO in December 2020, has also been under attack from short-sellers. As of this writing, about 7% of shares outstanding were sold short. After making its public debut at the end of last year, PubMatic stock soared, nearly tripling in value at one point within a couple of months’ time. Suffice to say expectations needed to come back down to earth.

And that’s just what has happened. PubMatic stock is now back where it started in December, but the company itself is off to a great start in 2021. Revenue grew 54% year over year to $43.6 million during the first three months of the year, driven by a net dollar-based retention rate of 130% (implying existing customers spent 30% more on PubMatic’s cloud-based ad management software than they did in 2020). The massive migration to TV streaming is at the heart of this huge growth rate, and with most TV ads still being placed via traditional linear formats (like cable), there’s still lots of upside here.

The rate of expansion will accelerate in Q2 as PubMatic also starts to lap financial results from last spring, a period during the first pandemic lockdowns when marketing briefly ground to a halt. PubMatic said to expect revenue to grow at least 70% year-over-year. Add to the mix a robust bottom line (free cash flow was $9.4 million in Q1, or 22% of revenue) and a balance sheet with $1.1 billion in cash and equivalents and no debt, this is one solid cloud software business.

As of this writing, PubMatic trades for a respective nine and 53 times trailing 12-month sales and free cash flow. That’s a pretty good long-term deal for a fast-growing company in an industry benefiting from secular trends as ads and marketing campaigns migrate to online formats. If short sellers start to close out their bets, it could be another tailwind that pushes this stock higher.





Stocks in this section are NEW as of today and were bought in the Carnivore Portfolio***


ZIM – Zim Integrated Shipping



PUBM – PubMatic

SKYT – SkyWater Technologies

TIGR – UP Financial

OTLY – Oatly

PLTR – Palantir


RCII – Rent-a-Center

MGY – Magnolia Oil and Gas

BLNK – Blink Charging



GOGL – Golden Ocean


DBX – Drop Box

XHB – SPDR Home Builder ETF (Short)

JKS – Jinko Solar

CYRX – Cryoport

NVDA – Nvidia


MRVI – Maravai Life Sciences




We have not bought the below stocks yet. Here to show you what is showing up in our scans, screens and systems.








As many of you know every week on Fridays we send our hypothetical team of video journalists out to see what Cramer is up to, since he can’t be working like we are to make you money because he is just simply wrong so often. They found him again, not working of course, sitting in the back of his Rolls Royce, probably getting drunk. Anyway, we had our video crew on the scene watching him and then this happened:


Damn it Cramer that looks like its gonna leave a mark! We hope you’re OK and let us know what hospital you’re at!


Until Monday, Carnivores!




The below is a sneak peak of a chapter in our new book that we’re writing.

It exposes Wall Street’s evil agenda and calls out the lies they’ve told the average investor for the last 20+ years.

Carnivore wants to change the game.

Wall Street has changed. There was a time when the soul of Wall Street was a core group of men and women that made people real money investing in and trading in stocks. These people were damn artists, they were amazing and smart and wicked quick. They knew how the Street worked, and they knew all the tactics and they were clear headed they made people real money…and they did it with stocks. They were allowed to trade their own money alongside their clients. They were allowed to take $25 million in an account and put it in 8 stocks. The mantra was, “As long as its legal, you’re free to do it here. Just make money for the firm.” There were no caps on your compensation. If you made the firm $100 million – doing whatever the heck it is that you knew how to do – the firm paid you $30 million. And they were happy to pay it to you. They were ecstatic and they said, “Do it again next year!”  


There were no mutual funds. Then the lawyers and so-called businessmen (bankers from traditional banks) came along and took over these firms. They did not like paying someone $30 million. They did not want someone to trade stocks because trading stocks meant that they had to pay the guys that knew how to trade! And when trading volume was down, they didn’t make as much money…and God forbid, they couldn’t have a quarter where they announced earnings are less than last quarter. See, by then, the partnerships that were Wall Street had vanished and they were all public companies now. These bankers and lawyers at the new public companies said to themselves, “How do we smooth out our earnings, make sure we get paid no matter what the market is doing – no matter if the clients are making money or not?” And the answer was:”Let’s create products that “wrap” stock trading and these products will charge the clients an annual fee. That way, no matter what the market does, no matter how the client does, we always get paid. We then can cut the big pay to the traders and save that money, too.” And that’s how mutual funds and hedge funds and “wrap fee accounts” were born.


“But how do we make all of this happen?”, they asked. The answer was simple: We tell a bunch of lies and use fear and selective data to drive the clients into these products. We tell them that Wall Street is very complex – too complex and dangerous for their little minds to handle, and that they need to have “professional money managers” running their money at these mutual funds and such. We also make up stuff like “You have to be diversified” and “diversification works” and “diversification is smart” even though we know that diversification doesn’t work, concentration works, but we scare them with fear and drive them into multiple products that ALL pay us annual fees. We also tell them that they must stay invested in the market at all times. This is very important. If we can get them brainwashed into always being invested, we always get our fee. We cannot let them “go to cash” because then we don’t get paid the fee. So we make up little sayings, little lies, like “Its time in the market that matters, not timing the market.” Or, “If you were out of the market on the best 20 days each year, you would have lost money.” Lies like “you have to invest like Warren Buffet and be diversified” even though he wasn’t diversified at all while he built his empire! They say all these trite little one-liners which are often untrue or that use selective data and are arguably outright false quite often. They are carefully designed psychological manipulation tools of the evil empire that Wall Street has become.  


We lived in a world of these lies and we saw that these so-called products, these “professionally managed accounts” are literally structured to produce mediocre returns. They’ve boxed the investor into a range of -7% to +7% a year returns. And they’ve set it up such that they get paid no matter what that return is! We watched as the great traders were pushed out the door of our once great firms by the lawyers and businessmen that made their lives miserable with a thousand new rules and regulations that were designed to do just that – get rid of them. So gone are the brokers, the old school traders, the men and women that knew how to make real money for clients. They have been replaced by a generation of dumbshits that they called “financial advisors” who were brainwashed into the new “system” where they were told not to trade stocks, but just “gather assets” and put it to work in the markets through mutual funds and ETF’s and hedge funds and such. Structure a 60/40 portfolio and tell people that this is safe when in fact, as we have shown you, the 60/40 portfolio is structurally a guarantee of mediocrity and possibly losses over the next 5 years as rates rise! Tell the clients all the lies we teach you, the lies about diversification working and being constantly invested in the market no matter what and that they need really smart people at mutual funds and hedge funds to manage your money for you. 


It’s all bullshit. 


The sad thing is, this plan of theirs has worked. People now invest in mutual funds that don’t perform. They are told that a 7% return is a good return for a whole year. And people buy it. 


At Carnivore, we never lost sight of how our mentors and teachers taught us. We have experienced how diversification does not work. When the SHTF everything goes down! Warren Buffet was never diversified for 20 years – something like 25% of his holdings were in one stock. Geico. It made his numbers for him. It made him famous. But he was not diversified, he was concentrated. We can show you that the average mutual fund barely makes 5% a year. We can show you that hedge funds and private equity funds are totally set up to make money for Wall Street and not you, the investor. You are an after-thought. You are the fodder, the last man to get paid.  


We are a throwback to the old ways. And now, with commission free trading platforms, the “friction” has been removed from the system, you no longer have to worry about the cost of the trade when you trade, you only have to worry about the trade itself and if it’s a good trade or good investment. We love that. It has driven 50 million new investors into our markets, just the way Discount Brokerages did when they first came along.  


But what to trade, how to trade, when to trade, when to be in the market, when to be out? How do you successfully trade? What are the rules? How do I minimize risk and maximize gain? All these things we address here. We were all taught how to do it, now we can hopefully pass it all on to another generation. Will we be successful at reversing the damage that the bankers and lawyers have done to the average investor? No. Will we be able to show people how you make 20%, 50%, 100% a year in the markets and do it trading really high-quality stocks? We hope so. We teach by doing. We teach by showing you our trades every day and sharing with you our best thinking on the market. Our wish is that maybe, just for a few people, we can change things for those that call themselves Carnivores For Life.”




Video Excerpt:

Do not try to bend the spoon. That is impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth. What Truth? There is no spoon. Then you will see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself . – The Matrix





Here were the most notable winners for January in order of % gain:

TLRY: +80.31%  7 days

PLUG: +78.26%  6 days

SPCE:  +69.51%  7 days

WKHS:  +57.95%  5 days

DQ: +42.32%  7 days

YALA:  +41.69%  27 days

FLGT  +23.20%  4 days


Carnivore Portfolio: January Only Performance: +35.17%

S&P 500: -1.04%



Here were the most notable winners for February in order of % gain:

SFTWwt  +278.57%  200+ days

TLRY  +113.13%  28 days

CCIV  +91.69%  14 days

QFIN  56.63%  11 days

FUTU  +54.47%  7 days

PLTR  +35.79%  5 days

SPCE  +35.37%  6 days

SFTW  +29.58%  49 days

FLGT  +23.09%  5 days

SPCE short  +17.59%  1 day


Carnivore Portfolio: Feb Only Performance: -9.65%

S&P 500: +2.6%



Here were the most notable winners for February in order of % gain:

RKT  +49.45%  8 days

UEC  +32.42%  21 days

VIAC  +17.69%  8 days

LIVX  +13.51%  1 day

TRIP  +11.37%  3 days

MOS  +6.82%  10 days


Carnivore Portfolio: March Only Performance: +9.24%%

S&P 500: +2.6%


April 2021 – SELECT WINNERS***

GOGL  +18.90%  18 days

ZIM  +17.02%  16 days

APPS  +16.66%  8 days

AMAT  +15.95%   6 days

YETI  +13.35%  17 days

MT  _+11.96%  26 days

QFIN  +11.12%  9 days

DKS  +8.48%  8 days

FCEL  +8.06%  6 days

RIO  +7.2%  17 days


Carnivore Portfolio: April Only Performance: +37.25%

S&P 500 March: +5.2%


May 2021 – SELECT WINNERS***

SB  +22.12%  4 days

VVNT  +19.07%  1 day

VZIO  +16.00%  19 days

VALE  +15.15%  21 days

ZIM  +13.13%  13 days

STNE  +12.32%  12 days

QFIN  +11.39%  5 days

GOGL  +10.65%  11 days

AI  +10.13%  5 days

GNK  +9.77%  13 days

FF  +9.49%  2 days


Carnivore Portfolio: May Only Performance: +19.76%

S&P 500 May: +5.8%





The most important thing you can do is get your uniform dirty. Do a trade. Get in the game. Learn by doing… make money as you learn. Do 5 or 10 trades. Trading is free. There are no commissions so there is no friction to move into or out of a position. No reason not to trade.


 Options Traders: We don’t do options trades. But…we are in the business of finding explosive stock situations. If you are an options trader, you can “key” off of what we’re buying in the stock market and make your own determination on what, if any, options to buy on those underlying stocks. Many options traders seemed to have had success in using the stocks Carnivore trades as a source for their own options trading.

 Long Term Investors: Carnivore only trades 99% in super high quality growth companies and high-quality stocks. Many long-term investors use Carnivore to discover companies to invest in that we believe are the future Googles, Apple’s, Microsoft’s of the world. One comment we routinely get is “I never even heard of that stock before!” and they are surprised to find out how big they are and how fast they are growing. Our systems and research and methods and contacts alert us to these stocks that many people have never heard of but that are quality stocks, not penny stocks. With the quality of the stocks we trade in one should never feel the urge to buy a crappy penny stock again. The list of great stocks we have introduced to Carnivores over the last 2 year is awesome.

Carnivore trades mostly in stocks that have a market cap over $1 billion and all our stock must be currently reporting and trade on a major stock exchange.





He spent his young professional career on Wall Street searching for brilliant young people and hiring them, then submersed them deeply into the Wall Street trading culture, literature, economics, philosophy, and politics. His aim was to create a group of “super-traders”. These many years later they have become the core of many of today’s largest hedge funds and trading desks on Wall Street. They’re like Spectre – they’re everywhere. And their bosses don’t know. And some of them ARE the bosses! They now contribute to Carnivore and provide Dutch with their intelligence and expertise some 2 decades later. His creation of the BITE system works in concert with Trader Z’s system Vector Nostradamus (described below). BITE is unique in the system takes Trader Z’s picks and delivers a target PRICE and a target TIME FRAME as well as a behavioral-based STOP LOSS. Combining the firepower of Vector Nostradamus with BITE we think creates a powerful trading package and we share that with our subscribers in real time.


Known as the smiling assassin. This name comes from the fact that he is affable and friendly, but smarter as heck, and if he thinks you’re a Cramer, he will never let you know it. He is a unique character with amazing trading abilities, he has bright flashes of brilliance that come randomly and unexpectedly like bolts of lightning. He actually holds the trading desk together. Without him these animals would simply kill each other. His brilliance is masked by his southern United States upbringing and simply his humble style of being. His profitable trading calls have been epic and legendary and include some of the biggest winners in Carnivore history. He has an uncanny knack for finding special situations.The collaboration of Trader Z, Dutch and Donk works to bring Carnivore probably the best trading team on the Street today.


An anonymous Carnivore trader that is known as the best living trader on earth today. Deeply schooled in multiple traditional and esoteric trading methodologies. Fairly young man with an IQ above measurable range. Discovered at age 20 by Dutch and through multiple discussions, Dutch saw that Trader Z understood capital markets and economics and specifically grasped the nuances of how markets moved in relation to one another and the subtle and direct inter-relationships of politics, policy and economics and how that caused price movements in stock, bond, currency and commodity markets…knowledge that most seasoned Wall Street professionals did not grasp after a lifetime on the Street.

The genius of Trader Z developed further under Dutch and Donk at a major Wall Street firm. Trader Z was later tapped to handle complex investment and trading strategies at some of the largest investment houses where he spent much of his free time immersed in studying the Sacred Vedic Scriptures of India where they hid numerical, geometric and astronomical codes revealing the natural order of the universe, advanced cosmology and mysticism, the science of spiritual and material transmutation, the arithmetical and geometric keys found in astrological codes found in ancient Egyptian work, the mystical traditions of Qabalah, Freemasons, and Cathedral Builders, the work of Plato, Pythagoras, Elizabethan polymath John Dee’s work on the divine cosmos and geometric time, the Avatamsaka School of Buddhism, Chinese Jua-Yen Buddhism…the list goes on and on.

He created his own system, which he calls “Vector Nostradamus” that is one of the tools the Carnivores use to spot market trends and tone, and to identify the sectors and stocks to invest in.


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We are glad you are here. It’s been amazing…the word of mouth. Telling your friends about us. So very cool. We’re so appreciative. Disrupting the way people make money on Wall Street. With your help, growing like crazy.







Carnivore Trading




Small cap, mid cap, large cap stocks.


Institutional quality trades for institutional quality clients.

No penny stocks.

No micro caps.




Real Traders. Real Trades. Real Time.



Definition: “Over the course of a time period, a year for example, the number of trades that are profitable are over 50% of all trades, AND, over the same period, you make more – on average – on winning trades than is lost on losing trades.”

It is possible for a trader to make money and have only 30% or 40% of his trades be profitable trades… and the rest losing trades, and many traders do just that. In those cases, that trader must make much bigger profits on each winning trade than he loses on losing trades. It is also possible to make money if you don’t make more on your winning trades than you lose on your losing trades IF your winning percentage is up over 70% or even higher. We saw a trader that almost always lost more on his losers than he won on his winners, but his winning trade percentage was around 80%. The guy had a huge winning percentage. Now imagine if that same trader cut his losers faster and he switched that ratio as well? Then his returns would be truly spectacular.



Remember Gann’s Rules.

Divide your capital into 10 equal parts and never risk more.

Use Trailing Stop Loss orders – always protect your trades and your capital.

Don’t overtrade (have too big or concentrated a position)

Don’t let a profit run into a loss.

Trade into a trend, not against it.

Don’t average down into a loser.

Trade only in active stocks and active markets.

Don’t close your trades without a reason.

Don’t trade just to get a scalping profit.

If you’re in doubt, get out. Clear your mind.

Never buy something just because it is low priced. It can go lower.

Pyramid into winning trades and let your winners ride.

Cut your losers quickly.




Call Made: March 14, 2021


DOW to 40,000 and NASDAQ to 17,000 in 2021

The “reset” in tech land in March of 2021 has caused the rally to actually broaden out. Like Trader Z says, just wait until TechLand starts to come around again – might not be immediate – but it might be faster than you would think. If AAPL can stabilize (in March we said this), which it started to do on March 16, then TechLand will be back, and if TechLand starts to run ALONG WITH the DOW stocks… and rates stay here or drop – we think that this will be the beginning of the move in the NASDAQ to 17,000. The DOW we think can make a run to 40,000. Remember the $1.9 trillion is a done deal and began hitting the economy around March 15. There is more talk of a stimulus for infrastructure – and that will be another big shot into the economy – maybe as much or more that what we spent relatively speaking in World War II. And remember the boom that caused? No you don’t, you’re too young, but it did. It was huge.

We’re talking about several things occurring at the same exact time that we have never seen before – a zero rate environment, insane stimulus injections into the economy, and an artificially suppressed economy causing pent up demand that is being unleashed as we reopen the WORLD economies.

We’re talking DOW to 40,000. It’s at 32,297. NAS is at 13,000. We’re talking a 30%+ move to 17,000 from here. If we are right, you don’t want to be out of the market.

Now – keep in mind there are caveats and here is what they are:

1. We assume that stimulus passes and gets paid out. OK – that has happened.

2. Rates have to stay around 1.5% on the 10-year and not spike up to 2% or higher.

3. The economy really does have to reopen – we can’t have another “strain” pop up and allow the criminal politicians and health department crooks and buffoons another chance at shutting us down.

4. TechLand has to turn up, though. It can’t sell off further and have our “Major Market Call” come true. In order for the market as a whole to recover, TechLand has to recover.

Other than those things, there’s always weirdo event risk out there, but those 4 above are the big ones.



This is something we want you to get familiar with. You can do your own calculation on it on your trades.

What it does, in summary, is provide you with a very clear analysis of your trading on a risk reward basis.

You want your Profit Factor to be over 1.

If you’re profit factor is over 2.0 then that implies that for every dollar you’ve lost, you’ve made over 2 dollars.

A 2.0 Profit Factor is outstanding.

Why is this important?

Because you all remember what it takes to be a Hall of Fame Trader, right?

The definition of a Hall of Fame Trader is one that makes more on his winners than he loses on his losers, AND who has more than 50% winning trades.

Sure, you can make money with only 45% winners if you make so much more on your winners than you do your losers. That has actually happened to us in some months.

But if you consistently make more on your winners than you lose on your losers, AND you have more than 50% winning trades, that is insane and you’re in the Hall of Fame.



BITE is one of the two major systems we use here. BITE is a system and a methodology, and it produces a price target and a time frame on a stock. It also sometimes gives us what we call a resolution date. The pattern is such that the resolution date occurs when – for example – a triangle will come to a peak as in the chart below. As long as the stock is in the pattern we call it “constructive”. If it falls out of the pattern, it “broke”. Often, when a stock is “moving through the tunnel in the air” through the pattern, it is winding tighter and tighter and then it explodes – or resolves. Ideally we like it to explode to the upside if we’re long the stock (own it) – and we have found that often the stock, as it is moving through that tunnel in the air and vibrating around it will suddenly almost “know” that the resolution date is near and it will “gap up” which we call “jumping the torus”. Look up the Torus on google and twist your brain around that for a bit. That’s a Trader Z thing.

Anyway, here’s an example of what a stock looks like that is coming to a resolution date.



It occurred to me, from your perspective, you might be wondering is Carnivore is for real. Is this a real group of traders with real skill and pedigree? Or is all of this some kind of manufactured prank of some kind? One Carnivore said that he thought for a while that this might have been a site dreamed up by Cramer himself! Or that CNBC started it.

Carnivore is very real. I promise you. Dutch is a real guy, Trader Z is a real guy, and Swamp Donkey is a real guy. Our newest guy, TBONE, is a real guy. We joke around, we have fun, we prank on Cramer, we talk about using incense and Himalayan salt crystals, rubbing the Infinite Power Glove and the Sacred Geometry Medallion for luck to ward off the evil spirits, and cranking up the volume on great music here on the X-Mansion trading desk. That’s us having fun and, for real, we actually have all those things here at the trading desk and we do use them. When we say we are lighting the Palo Santo, we are. When we say we are cranking up the tunes and we hit you with the video, we are. So that is all real, but its also part of keeping things fun and light and not getting too intense about things in a business that can get intense very quickly.

When it comes to making money and the stock picks, we are dead bang serious. That is not a joke. We do not joke around about making money. Extracting money from the market is our life, that’s what we have done for years, and its our lives. Like a painter that must paint, we must trade. It’s in our blood.

And when we talk about things like Natural Law and the Law of Vibration, when we talk about a stock being “in the box” and “jumping the torus”, these are all very real to us, and over time, hopefully to you as well. These things – these cornerstones of Carnivores trading methodologies, along with our proprietary Vector Nostradamus and BITE system, these are all very real. Some of what we do is drawn from and has been handed down to us from great traders we learned from and from traders that paved the way long before we were even born. We have extracted from them what we found to be valid and useful, and we have applied them to Carnivore’s trading. There is nothing fake or phony about it.

As Dutch always says, there is one way to tell if Carnivore is the real deal or not, and that is to look at the trades. He says, “The text messages don’t lie”. When we send out the trade we’re doing, its real time. We can’t lie about it! It goes out and you see it. The stock either goes up or not. We’re either right or not, and we all know it, you know it. We can’t take the trade back and hide it, or fake it, or pretend it didn’t happen. Its time stamped and that doesn’t lie. Which is why, when people early on thought we were crazy (hey – we’re different that’s for sure), they were skeptical and then, after about 1-2 weeks of watching the trades, they were believers. They started trading what we were trading. And they were making money, real money, in their accounts, and THAT is when things got interesting. We started getting the texts and emails telling us that they thought we were some whacky site that was fund and interesting, but when they saw the results in their accounts, they would suddenly get very serious about Carnivore. Many of them are now Carnivores For Life and after over a year, Carnivore has changed their lives. They know more about trading than they did when they started, many of them have made more money trading with us than they ever did with a broker or on their own, and they’ve discovered radically great growth companies that we’ve introduced them to that they had never heard of before. They’re trading with clear heads now, they know more than any of their friends about how the market REALLY works, and they’re having more fun than ever with it.

Is Carnivore for real? You bet it is. 

Just thought we should get some of that stuff straight in case some of you were wondering.








 *Notes on How We Calculate Recommendation Performance

We simply take the starting value of the Carnivore Portfolio account and the current value of the account for the calendar year and we take the gain or loss in the value and divide it by the start value.

This is our simple return. We think this keeps it real and keeps it easy to understand. We also keep track of the number of winning realized trades versus the number of losing realized trades. In this case, every purchase and every sale that is realized is counted as a trade. We may only trade 20 stocks in a month, but we may have made several purchases or several sales of each position as we scale into and out of a position. This would mean that we might have 60 or 100 actual trades but in only 20 names. Our winners versus losers is reported for EVERY TRADE. This means that if we buy 5 blocks of a winning trade and sell them all at once, that will count as 5 trades. This is fair since if, for some reason, the 5 purchases we made turned into a loss, then all 5 trades would count towards the losers for the month in an equal manner. In this way, we are motivated to buy and buy and buy the winners and sell the losers quickly. We are motivated to cut our losers quickly and it can prevent us from adding to losing positions.

We also keep track of the average amount we gain when we win and the average amount we lose when we lose. Similar to the above, each trade in this area is counted.

**We report our positions in this area as the overall position return at the time unless we denote that the return shown is from our initial buy specifically. We may have made multiple purchases and some might be up 20% and some might be up only 10% for example. If they are the same purchase amounts, this would show an overall position gain of +15% – the average of the two purchases. This is how we report this figure.

***The Carnivore Portfolio is a hypothetical and weighted portfolio. It uses leverage from time to time in large amounts and weightings can change rapidly and the positions may change rapidly as well. We rarely day trade. We do not trade options. Our picks are the same as those we use with all Carnivores in the text alerts. We don’t buy or sell anything differently than what you see in the Instant Text Alerts. Our weightings in each recommendation may change rapidly and they can be very, very concentrated. At times we may also hold a large cash position and little or no stocks or other securities at all. When we say we are buying a stock, we are buying it. When we say we are selling a stock, we are selling it. We also never take any compensation from anyone for mentioning a stock. The only money we make is from the monthly fees from our subscribers. Therefore, our loyalty is clearly to our subscribers always. You will never see an advertisement for a fund or a company shilling its stock on our site. To make sure that we are not accused of “front running” our subscribers, we tell you FIRST what we are buying or selling, allowing our subscribers to get their orders in first. We deal almost exclusively in very high-quality stocks with a lot of liquidity and that are traded on major stock exchanges, maintain current filings with the SEC, and are mostly all followed by research on Wall Street, so there is ample available information out in the marketplace for our subscribers to research anything that we are dealing in. We do NOT do options trades, micro-cap stocks, penny stocks, or other “low quality” or esoteric securities or stocks. Carnivore Trading LLC is not an advisor or manager of other people’s money and we DO NOT MAKE RECOMMENDATIONS OR OFFER ADVICE.

**** Since Inception 3/18/20 through month end in the most recent completed month.

Your results may differ materially from those expressed or utilized by Carnivore Trading LLC due to any number of factors. As a provider of education and entertainment we do not have access to the personal trading accounts or brokerage statements of our subscribers and in no way have any control over what any of our subscribers buy or sell.

If you do not agree with any term or provision of our Terms and Conditions you should not use our site. Please be advised that your continued use of the site, services, content, or information shall indicate your consent and agreement to our Terms and Conditions.