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faq Carnivore Trading

1. Who are you guys?

Professional Wall Street traders sharing our trades, our analysis, and some fun with you. Dutch, Trader Z, and Jay are the key guys at Carnivore. Dutch is our head trader, Trader Z heads analysis and runs Vector Nostradamus, and Jay keeps the whole company humming. TBone is here for hands-on customer support.

2. What does a Carnivore Trading subscription cost?

The only money we make at Carnivore comes from our modest subscriber fees. We do not make money from advertisers, and we do not make money from companies that want us to recommend their stocks. We do not try to "upsell" you. Ever.

We charge every subscriber the same amount: $279/month (and a discount of two months free for the annual subscription). What we do is worth $25,000/month to the big hedge funds, and we know a few services who charge that. That is not our mission. Our mission is to democratize investing for individuals like you. We want millions of Carnivores to have access to the power of what a real trading desk is doing in real time: the knowledge, the experience, AND the actual trades that our systems and traders are triggering.

3. Do I open an account with Carnivore Trading?

Never. We don't want your account. You manage your own money by mirroring some or all of our trades. There are now many commission-free investment companies out there for you to choose from. Open an account there and trade like a Carnivore. We just give you what we are trading in the Carnivore Account and you can decide to trade them or not. You’re in total control of your own money and your own buys and sells.

4. Do you guys manage my money?


5. How do I use Carnivore Trading?

All types of investors use Carnivore Trading. The long-term investor loves how we discover often obscure, explosive companies that they can buy and hold. The options trader loves the explosive situations we find so they can get out in front of a powerful potential move in the near future. Others, the moderate trader, loves to get into our positions with us, and when they explode, take the profit and move to the next idea. These traders usually stay with a position for 7-30 days, or sometimes up to 60 or 90 days if the stock is performing well.

6. How do I sign up for Carnivore Trading?

Sign up for our free two-week trial and you will begin to get into the flow of our awesome trades sent to you by text immediately. You will also receive our Pre-market and Mid-day reports. Every trading day after the market close you will get a text with a link to our private "Daily Wrap" for members only. It is highly informative, entertaining, and teaches you every day how to become a better trader. The Daily Wrap alone is worth the cost of admission!

7. What else can I expect from Carnivore Trading?

In addition to the Daily Wrap Up, pre-market update, mid-day update, and trade alerts, when you sign up for the free trial you will get a welcome message and the traders at Carnivore will GIVE YOU our Daily Educational Email Program. Each day for 20 days, you will receive a new lesson teaching you more about how to trade like a Carnivore – a short Masterclass in the Art of Trading! This alone will help you become a MUCH better trader and put you on the right path to achieving True Freedom!

8. Whom do I contact for customer service?

For any customer service issues, email

9. What if I'm not receiving texts?

If you are not receiving texts, first check that the phone number listed on your profile is the correct one, and that your subscription is listed as active. You can also try texting back to Carnivore UNSTOP. Remember, texts generally are sent during market trading hours (9:30am-4:00pm EST). The Daily Wrap-up is typically texted to subscribers at approximately 6:30pm EST. If none of this works, contact customer service by emailing

10. What if I didn't get the welcome email?

The welcome email can take a few hours to come through. If after this time you have still not received an email, check to make sure your subscription is active and contact customer support by emailing

11. How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, log in to your dashboard and click CANCEL. If this doesn’t work, email

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