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Advanced Swing Trading

How to Make 100% a Year Trading Quality Stocks

Learn the system that we use for insane results. See how we use it in real-time.

The Only Entry & Exit Strategies That Matter, Indicators, Chart Patterns

Sector Analysis, Macroeconomic Factors, Screening High-Quality Stocks

Psychology, Money Management, Routines

Includes 2 months of FREE stock picks and trade alerts ($500 value)

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The Advanced Swing Trading Course covers everything an active trader needs to devour the stock market. This video course includes 2 FREE months of our stock picks, real-time trade alerts, and daily market reports.

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Learn Winning Strategies for Active Swing Traders

We crush the S&P every year. Learn how we do it, while we do it.

100 Minutes of Video Across 6 Modules

Includes 2 Free Months of Trade Alerts ($500) 

Daily Market Reports and Analysis

Indicators That Matter, Chart Patterns We Love, Scaling into Winners, Entry & Exit Strategies

Sector & Stock Analysis, Finding Hot Markets, Creating Your Routine

$1,200 $795

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Meet Carnivore Trading

Pursuing True Freedom

Carnivore Trading is led by the trio of Jason Adams, Dutch Masters, and Trader Z. Each bring 25+ years of Wall Street experience to the table.

"It's possible for you to become so good at trading stocks that it provides significant, life-changing wealth for you and your family. You absolutely, 100%, CAN DO IT. Believe it, believe in yourself."

True Freedom is where personal and financial freedom meet. Our primary goal at Carnivore is helping YOU achieve True Freedom via swing trading. It's the most rewarding experience of our careers, and we hope you'll join us on this journey.

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