Carnivore Trading Portfolio Performance Year-To-Date: +215.99% as of 09/29/22. See disclaimer.



Mark Levin

“You know, I learned more about investing in twenty minutes with Carnivore Trading than I ever knew? Like with your mutual funds, you’re told a seven percent return was good – maybe for the broker making commissions, but not for you! If you want to take advantage of a red hot stock market go to Carnivore Trading. At Carnivore is an elite squad of strategists who influence the heavy hitters on Wall Street. And now they’re letting you and me see what they’re buying. When you subscribe you get real-time text alerts of the explosive trades they’re making for their elite clients. You can mirror their trades with your discount broker or pass … The stock market’s on the move! Get off the sidelines and get Carnivore’s Trades!”

Sandy – Georgia

“These traders, Carnivore, are very adept at finding unique situations to buy, trends, segments of stocks that you and I would probably never ever dream of trying to identify. And I’ve been successful with them. And more importantly, I’ve learned a hell of a lot over the last four months about what to do, and what not to do… The market commentary—the wrap every night—is something that I look forward to and I would think that you would too. It’s an unfiltered, unbiased commentary on the market… It’s the unvarnished truth and in a language that you and I can understand.” 

Mike McGowan – Palos Verdes California

“I’ve tried basically every premium stock service there is, and the only one that works is Carnivore. The reason for that is that aside from giving you great stock picks, which they do, they’re also telling you when to buy, how much to buy, when to buy more, and when to sell, and most importantly, they’re explaining why. It’s the explaining why they’re doing it that’s really what’s going to teach you to be a better trader. It took me a couple of months to figure it out, but over the last couple weeks, I’ve actually started making more money trading than I ever made working.”

Chris I

Awesome day guys – phenomenal setup. Feel like this was a great test for the CFLs out there to practice some patience and witness greatness. Went from being down 9% at one point this morning to being up 17% on the

Feels great to be up over 120% in 3 months when everyone you talk to are saying how they’re off pretty hard this year so far.

Carnivore is definitely the best monthly expense that I have ever went into.

Boyd P. – Southern California

“I’m a shorter-term trader and I do almost every single trade recommendation Carnivore sends me. I’ve made a lot of money. I track the market every day.

I like the quality of the stocks they’re trading and I sometimes use their ideas for options strategies too because they identify potentially explosive situations. I also just love the Daily Wrap. It’s funny, but I also learn something from every one of them.”


Chris P. – Atlanta, Georgia

“I trade maybe once or twice a week. I don’t track every movement in the market. I like Carnivore because they introduce me to high-quality companies that have explosive growth – and I’ve never heard of most of them before they told me about them. I do a little research on my own, but I know that by the time they’re recommending it, it’s been thoroughly researched. The Daily Wrap just kills me. It makes me laugh, which we all need at the end of the day!”


Sean F. – Charleston, South Carolina

“I like to invest for the longer term. To do that, I use Carnivore’s “Big Wheel” stocks. These are high-quality stocks they identify and put out once a month. Stocks that can be held for a year, 5 years, 20 years. These are the stocks that they think you can hold forever. The next Microsoft, the next Amazon, the companies that are becoming embedded into our government and our lives, with real customers, billions in revenue, and dramatic growth.”


James E. – Atlanta, GA

“I had zero experience. Took me a quarter (in a totally screwy market) to find my groove, but since about October, I have been killing it. You guys are genius! And prior to October, I was making great returns. Now they’re insane!” 


Anthony M. – Palm Springs, CA

“I went all-in with you guys several months back. Now, I’m building a new house in Palm Springs, thanks to you. I’m breaking ground on this bad boy next month!”

Blake B. – Orange County, CA

“You have totally changed the trajectory of my financial life. Thank you, Carnivore!”


Jordan G. – Orange County, CA

“Carnivore is great! I wish I had this a long time ago. The daily advice, commentary, and the daily wrap are exactly what I need to make better trades.”


Mark P. – Los Angeles, CA

“I’ve made so much money in the first couple of months, I can’t even believe it. This is exactly what I was looking for.” 


Rob S. – Chicago, IL

“I’ve been watching you guys for 2 months. Why not 50 or 100%? I’m pleased to join and recommend.”


Joe J. – Newport Beach, CA

“I bought “OMI” on Carnivore’s recommendation and it went from around $6 to over $8 in 30 days. I told my Dad about it and he bought some. Then it jumped to $25 in October! We did the same thing with PLTR in October. He’s a happy man! Trader Z is a genius!


Chip P. – Atlanta, GA

“I started trading Carnivore ideas in April 2020. By the end of November 2020, I’m up over 100%.”


Blake B. – Costa Mesa, CA

“My name is Blake, and I’ve been a Carnivore since November 24, 2020. I didn’t really know much about investing in stocks until I ran into Carnivore and Dutch and the boys, and since then, my entire life has changed. I’m up 121% from November 24th, 2020 to October 15, 2021, so less than a year. They taught me how to think, how to read the market, the charts, and they shoot me awesome trades every day. These guys are the hottest guys on the Street.”


“Joined in July 2021, lost my ass the first month (didn’t everyone?). Bought S.I. for $106 and sold at $188, made over $8k. My $25k account is over $42k and that is with the losses calculated in the mix. Up 68% on my account in 2 months, and I used to be happy with 12-18% for the year. 


Eddie B. – Torrance, CA

You guys are teaching me to cut my losses early and don’t fall in love with the stock. Take my gains and move on to the next sector. The money isn’t life-changing (yet), but the education is. This is my first year trading stocks in a margin account; I appreciate what you guys do. Keep up the great work!”


Tammy G.

“You guys are effing awesome! Makes retirement pretty easy. Thank you for doing this for all of us.”


 Gary K. – Blue Ridge, GA

“I will make this short. Thank you for starting this company, and for myself, it’s been one hell of a ride thus far. I cannot express just how blown away I am at your performance, and I am addicted. I only wish I knew what I was doing.

Please tell me you guys are just getting started and not to worry. I fear you will have been so successful at this in one year you will decide to just go ride the Hogs into the sunset.

Please let everyone know that I am so blown away at how good you and your team are.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.”


Doug H.

“My first $5,000 day with Carnivore, here’s to many more.”


Mike G. – Irvine, CA

“Had some basal cell cancer crap removed today. During the procedure, I was on my iPhone making CFL trades. The doctor had a good sense of humor. In any event, kept up with y’all the entire time.”


The AnalogKidd

“I felt the need to express my appreciation for y’all’s overall service you are providing to your members. I truly feel that we were all cut from the same cloth. The perspective and language that comes through the writings in the Daily Wrap, it’s as if we were all old high school friends, now having adult conversations. It’s refreshing to read and hear the ‘truth‘ ring out in The Wrap. With all the BS on the web these days, it’s getting harder and harder to find ‘truth’ expressed with heartfelt honesty and authenticity.


As for the trading service that y’all are providing…it’s worth every penny! I started trading in February 2021. I approached this endeavor as a business-minded person. First I consulted with a colleague, and then invested in educational material and started slogging through all the “scam systems” and “get rich quick” garbage on the ‘interwebs’ related to trading stocks, and started building a foundation of discerned knowledge. I have a simple principle, and that is ‘ABL’ (Always be Learning) that I apply when gaining new knowledge, etc…


I know that learning to trade successfully is going to be a lifelong journey, and it’s like any other trade we learn in life; it takes time, commitment, practice, and most of all, learning from both my successes and failures.


The Carnivore service has made me a better trader overall, with regards to reading the technicals, understanding the importance of good underlying fundamentals, and more importantly, “the right mindset.” And at the same time, helping me build my confidence while keeping a realistic perspective on the market.


 The market is a “Psychological mind F#%?K!” The emotional roller coaster that starts every morning at 4 AM…greed, fear, euphoria, delusions of grandeur, and so on. The ‘Daily Wrap’ last Thursday, along with the midday email encouraging us to stay the course and not to panic and give the MMs what they want, was exactly what I needed to hear at that moment because my instinct is to sell and jump ship. My biggest problem is that I get out too soon, and when I do, the stock goes up, almost like clockwork. It’s as if the MMs knew that I just sold at the bottom and they were waiting just for me to sell like I was the last one left! Thanks for listening…and keep up the good work!”


Dalton C.



“The HOOD and UVXY trades were LEGENDARY!!!  THANK YOU!!! Lately, I’ve been day trading mostly due to the market conditions.  And I’ve found that the best way to use your service is to wait until you let us know which trades are working well.  You’ll usually let us know by saying you’re going Large or Aggressive etc.  When the market was bullish I took all of your trades and did really well and used your mantra of cutting losers quickly and letting the winners run, but now that things are bearish, I hold off until I know certain positions are working first.  Since we can’t turn back time, the next best thing is to watch you guys trade and only hop on the winners and avoid the losers entirely. I really appreciate how you’ve been keeping short-term traders in mind. 


I’ve learned so much from your company and look forward to when the markets pick up again since I have zero to little margin right now also.  Your alerts, emails, and super informative daily wrap are all fantastic and keep getting better and better.  Much better than the Cramer club that told everyone a few days ago to go long in Paypal and CRM lol…”


Mike M.

“If anybody is complaining today they need to quit trading stock and take up knitting.  UVXX +13%, UPST +7% realized.  If that doesn’t make you happy on a day when the market is getting destroyed I don’t know what does. Keep up the GREAT work boys!”

Donny T – Texas

Dutch, my man! Look at my attachment!

I want to let you know how grateful I am for ALL OF YOU! Our family went through some recent setbacks last November that I have been and am still working through…So when that happened in November'(ish) I needed to reduce what was on my plate. [This] included following what you were doing and hitting and selling like you have taught me to do.

I picked my ‘long term horses’ to ride till I finished fixing the setbacks that became my priority… I simply did my final research and thought, “What stocks should come out of the crazy market we have been going through?”. And it looks like I was either really lucky (or call it what you want), but I like to think with ‘yuce guyzes’ help and my gut, that it wasn’t luck. Regardless, here is what has happened so far today, and THIS IS MY BEST DAY EVER (for total $$$ made, and on a reduced total dollar portfolio, which is even more impressive for me…

We do what we do, we look forward and not back, and it’s what we do now and in the future that gives us THE FREEDOM THAT YOU HELPED GIVE US with your awesome service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to all of y’all!

Jim S

So glad I had to hold on due to the day trades yesterday. Have 36% in UVXY, 34% in SPXU and I put 10% in SQQQ. I am up quadruple from the time you texted you were getting out. I crossed my fingers and hoped it would keep going and it has. I’ll take the wins any way I can get them. As we bourbon drinkers like to say, “Welcome to the dark side!” You guys have been on fire with the calls and the timing. Z is amazing. Can I get some of what he is smoking? 😊 12% in 2 days in a colossal down environment? Unreal! I love you guys!


You nailed it on your pre-market call this morning.  I got up and looked at all the premarket and I was thinking “OK what would I do right now if I was totally on my own?” As I was thinking through a strategy of flattening a bunch of positions so that I could get aggressive with some short ETFs and more DPST, your email came through and it was like a best friend putting his arm on your shoulder and saying “don’t worry, it’s gonna be fine”.

And damn if you didn’t call it!.  I was down close to $10k on the pre-opening and as I type this I’m down only  $1,000 and continuing to recover.   Shit, I’m back to being hopeful for another net positive day!  (It’s been a boomer week – up about $30k for me personally).

I’m back to having dreams of buying a new truck with my stock market earnings and retiring in a few years…

Dan – Texas

For what it’s worth, I went to all cash this morning when the indexes went positive (for a minute or two!). BOOM!! Finished up 13% on the day and up 55% overall YTD. I’m learning so much from you guys. Someday we need to have a Carnivore Party!! I think I’m going to buy a cow, but I’m only eating the Filet!! I’ll give the rest to the freedom fighters in Canada!!


For what it’s worth, I went to all cash this morning when the indexes went positive (for a minute or two!). BOOM!! Finished up 13% on the day and up 55% overall YTD. I’m learning so much from you guys. Someday we need to have a Carnivore Party!! I think I’m going to buy a cow, but I’m only eating the Filet!! I’ll give the rest to the freedom fighters in Canada!!

Jerry S.

Target price for BITF & MARA?

Signed up with you guys on February 8, 2022 & I am making a KILLING!!!!! Using your recommendations for both stock trades & options. I am up $15K so far!

Thank you!!!

Jeff R.

Dutch & Crew,

You guys rock – thank you for the insight on UPST! As I write this it’s still climbing in AH’s trading. You need to know that you’re changing lives every day and just helped me pay for my daughter’s college! Can’t thank you enough!


Troy M.

I’ve been trading off and on since Etrade was THE thing waaaaay back. Never stuck with it because I usually lost money.

I need to tell you, when you can call out a trade like UPST and be confident about it (I could tell you were confident in your text so I hit it big) you know your shit, period. You can feel the market and that ain’t easy.

I hope every other Carnivore out there realizes that. You guys ARE the real deal. So glad I found you. Keep it up.



I’m glad I found your service.  I’ll admit I was skeptical at first, but after the first few weeks, I’m sold. Made my monthly subscription plus some the first trading day. You guys Rock, Please Keep it up!  Let’s Go Brandon!


Hey guys,

Based on the wrap, just wanted to share my returns this year. So far I’m up 32% YTD. Things were challenging early on, so the bounce off my 2022 low in early February is 68%. Looking to keep it rolling in the coming months!

Allen C.

You’re doing exceptionally well for all us CFL’s! I love how my account was up over $5,000 today when the markets were DOWN over 1.5%! Thanks for letting me look over your shoulder!


Great week! Killed it with LXU 400% in 18 days (options) and also CF, MOS and NTR were outstanding. 

Paul F.

I am currently using your free trial. No way to describe your program results! It works like no other system I have ever seen. Making money and will be joining the annual subscription at the end of the trial (4 days from today)!

Jim S.

Thanks Dutch!  Hit NTR and SQM today 4 more times each (hit SBSW some more as well).  Making serious bank with them.  Offset all the losses from this morning’s jettison.  Learning more every day.  Appreciate all you guys do.


Took the call you guys made on fertilizer/ag running on the open so entered CF and added every $.50. When I took profits on 75% of it I made a tidy 4% on what was a full 25% of my entire portfolio. In half a day of trading. Crazy. Add in the large MOS and NTR positions and I made a solid 1.5% on my portfolio on a day when the SPX was -3%. Are you kidding me?! You guys are making this easy. There’s NO doubt – Carnivore rules the street.

Daniel G.

Thanks for the insight.  I trust you and was relieved to see in the video interview that you’re a man of experience and not some Gen-Z Youtuber TikToker type throwing out crappy meme stocks or the latest rumor on Reddit. Of course we all would like to make lots of money, but i’d take a no-trade day any day over another loss, especially when we’ve seen this market over the last few months. Like Kenny Rogers said:   

“You got to know when to hold ’em

Know when to fold ’em, Know when to walk away, And know when to run.”


Thanks. I feel somehow this whole mess is going to lead to some big opportunities. Thanks for steering us through this craziness. 

Mike M.

So basically going off what you guys called regarding the fed, I was locked and loaded this morning…. I shorted /MNQ and got the middle of the sell off then (almost perfectly) nailed the bottom tick and rode them up long (scaling in both ways).  

My only mistake was not going really big because the market has been so squirrelly and I didn’t want to get crushed (futures can kick you in the balls hard and fast if your too aggressive).  

I was out in time to buy 1/3 size positions on all of your calls (I even bought crwd because I like the company and the space) and tacked on another few bucks by the end of the day.  

Just wanted to remind those that get all freaked out if we have a few bad days (or weeks) that this works. You just have to embrace it and pour yourself into it and figure out how to make it work for you.  

Rock on,

Karl H.

What a call on the top!!! Booked about half of my gains and rolled that capital into TECS. You guys are freaking wizards. Thank you!


It really works! $9k today…yesterday was +$29k. It’s unbelievable sometimes, but my account is growing and crushing it!


Still can’t believe it… But, thanks to you guys, today I ordered my dream boat. I won’t take delivery for 12-18 months, but you are invited any time!! We can chase dangerous women from the water side of the beach!! Might need some help naming her….

Mike M.

Not saying I’ve got this mastered yet but I’ve gone from doing slightly better with my investments than my mutual fund to nearly replacing my income as a motion picture camera man, i career that I’ve spent the better part 30 years mastering.  

I just wanted to underline “We do not make excuses”.  Hard to say what’s most important but that one is high on the list.   I have so many friends that in stock and in life make excuses for everything.  It is 100% always something or someone else’s fault.  And I get why as a protection mechanism people do that but it is SO IMPORTANT to realize how much it hurts your performance in every aspect of your life, especially trading.  

Just wanted to pass along how critical it is to follow that rule.  If something doesn’t go your way, you very likely are at least largely responsible and recognizing that, is the only way to avoid making the same mistake over and over again.  

Do not make excuses!

Donny T

THANK YOU FOR RWM, SQQQ & SPXU! For some idiot reason I thought those shorts were like shorting stocks and have never wanted to deal with them. Call it what you want, I call it


THANK YOU!!!!!!!

WHO DOES THE DAILY WRAP? It is so damn awesome. I read every word of it every day. The shit we hear from ‘experts’ on CNBC is so often (or always) self serving to drive their own investments, or meant to serve some other purpose than SHOOTING STRAIGHT AND BEING REAL!

So thanks to THE RAPPER whoever does it daily. I was early in the wrap when I read “Stock action continues to be shitty….” and thought “GOT I LOVE THE CARN BOYS!!!!! That’s how I talk and think. Thanks to him please!

Maybe his name is on the wrap, I will check when i get back to reading. I just had to shout out to you.

I banked $9,028 damn dollars today! My U stocks were all up, EVERY DAMN ONE OF THEM, on a down day (think about that one. SPROTT CEO was on CNBC yesterday. SPROTT bought URNM, it’s official on the 25th – it appears eyeballs are focusing in and maybe money is coming into this Scarcity Trade and the sector – at least today – does not follow the major indexes), and instead of dumping RWM I decided to hold in. I trimmed UUUU then each of the U stocks I own, at their highs today, and added to SQQQ and SPXU when you hit us up on that text. Then WHALLA!

Also I banked on MUSA, sold it in the green and put it in the shorts. When it all works, it is VERY SWEET!

YOU DA MAN DUTCHIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for all that you and your team do for us!

Colt K

You guys are amazing!!!!!!!! True Freedom!!!! CFL!!!!!!!!!

Kirk M

I’m all in.
Since getting shown the door at my global conglomerate employer last summer for being too old, I’ve had to live on my wits managing a small portfolio.  I was keeping my head above water mainly in technology stocks, where I feel most comfortable.
Well, that really turned to shit starting in November and I stayed with a lot of the declining stocks way too long, although I got a good bump in the back half of March.  I’ve been hearing your ads for the past several months and finally heard you interviewed on Fox Business a couple weeks ago and you really made a lot of sense.  After dipping down last month, I decided I needed a whole new approach based on analytics and working with people who know what the hell they are doing.
I can tell my subscription to Carnivore is going to work great, just from four days.  I’ve made money every day, even during down sessions.  Very encouraged.
On things Carnivore, early on, I worked for a scrappy VP of Sales who was a former fighter pilot.  He’d had enough of all his over-educated pinhead reports and finally, out of exasperation, told his managers “For Christ’s sake, all I want are people who eat red meat!”  Culture is vital.
Really appreciate your evening emails.  They’re informative and fun to read.

Joe P

The SPY is falling and I’ve been adding to BTU, HNRG, METC and CEIX as they earn it meanwhile the small plays are losing extremely very little compared to my winners and im killing it. Especially with HNRG. You guys rock. And all without waiting for your alerts. Just like I’ve learned from the WRAP. Thanks a lot yall. CFL!!!

Dalton C

Dern, guys, you just keep hitting it out of the park. I was looking at the sales in the wrap a couple days ago and my %’s are durn near the same as you. Getting better and much more patient on entries. Been adding like a mad man yesterday and today and now I’m bout out of money to add. My coal positions are all large now, added 5 times yesterday to CEIX which made for a big day in that stock. But loving this and can’t send enough compliments your way cuz I am making some serious bank here lately.

Kirk M Cancelled Motley Fool Subscription– do those clowns actually own any of the sh** they recommend?


Still nailing it!! In addition to the coal trade, I’m still making BANK playing puts and calls on SQQQ. Boosting the account an average of 6.3% PER DAY!!

Might need to buy a herd of Wagyu beef!! BBQ at my place!! Bring dangerous women..

Scott J

Just have to say I’ve really enjoyed the past week trial and look forward to continuing with you guys. Great market insight; crystal clear

Edwin C

Great job on the all sell signal. I like cash. It is truly a manic / depressive market. Genius!!!

Jeff M

My best week as a CFL. Hands down. In 2 1/2 hours! Thanks, guys!

Gary K

I like the calls you made this morning ! I got back 4700.00 today on this etfs.

That is swimming with the stream! Hell to the yes.

Let’s do this again.

Jason M

My large account that I have with alleged money manager, will go down about 20K today. While the Carnivore account that I mange will make about 3K. A lot of difference. Bout time to pull the plug on the ‘Money Manager’.

John S

Love the service. Im an aspiring options trader in addition to tracking many of your normal entries and exits. Bought some otm weekly calls (which I normally never do on Friday) on spxu, sqqq, and uvxy today based on your market sentiment. I held a little longer than you did and made 70% for the day on what I put up. I kept a lot in cash since I was juicing triple shorts. Love the wrap and all the work you guys provide. Love the service. I’m a CFL. Gonna have steak tonight.

Peter R

Why sell UVXY so early? Didn’t you smell the blood Carnivores? 🙂
Seriously, thanks for the guidance. I’m up $30K on UXVY today. You guys nailed it on the 900 point loss today.


You’re probably getting tired of hearing this but, you guys are the Greatest!!

My total account gained 21.04% today!! And I left a TON of money on the table.


Karl H

What a call on UVXY Dutch!!! I put 25% of my capital into it and rode it all the way into close for over a 17% gain!!! Plus about the same amount in SPXU that’s up almost 10% over the last 2 days. Who says you can’t make money in a down market….?

Carnivore rules the street

Jerry S

Nice call yesterday! BIG BALLS

Matt A

You guys are changing my family’s life. $150K is now close to $170K in just a few weeks time.

You guys are doing the Lord’s work, keep it up!

Gary K

Just a quick email to say thank you for all you guys do! Your guidance and style are stand up and especially in these times I find all the pearls of wisdom very helpful.

Esala S

Just want to say THANK YOU!

I traded the yield curve at the CBOT from 2003 to 2011.  In the last few weeks you guys have opened my mind to look at the markets like a market savant. You guys are incredible !

I referred a friend to join Carnivore.  He said he already signed up 20 minutes ago.

Jerimy D

The quality of leadership here at Carnivore is amazing to me! I can tell by the quality of people that are in the ranks. They say that you attract like minds. Taking the time to reach out and be appreciative and the time to admit when mistakes have been made. You guys have created something special here! I knew nothing about trading and stocks. I have been rewarded 2 fold and for the first time in my life I can think about the future. You guys have given me the confidence in the trading world to be ok with the decisions that I make following your lead. Not only that but you guys are leading and teaching me in every walk of life and I appreciate it so much. Just wanted to send out my thanks also!

David R

In it together. I’ve tried lots of services. This is the best by far. Gives me confidence.

Jeff R

Continue the great work you do. I feel very fortunate to have found you guys!

Linda V

I’m doing things I’ve never done thanks to you and I’m learning. You are giving me some hope! Thanks.Please continue to give us lots of input as possible especially for us newbies. Now that we are up big, harder to know what to do. Hope to recoup more and get braver again.

Kostas P

I have to say. I have been somewhat skeptical, but over the last few weeks I have made money with you, so I am a believer. Well done.

Matt A

I will be up about 7% of total portfolio, and had I not been weak kneed, would have been up about 10-12% total. Holy shit, you guys are crazy, and I like it!

Powell F

You guys rock! I started in this business in 1981 and I must say y’all are the best I have observed in a long, long while! And you speak my language. Thanks, I am a new subscriber!

Cecil H

Awesome Dudes. Dutch you talk about the crystal ball, Palo Santo, and power glove but man I have to say you were all over this. The emails you sent of your convictions and the words of encouragement helped me so much. I’m learning to be a trader thanks to you. Up over 6% today. Wow.

Bubba B

You really out did yourselves on this one. This will help my wife and I get some new born diapers for our first kid. Thanks Carnivores. CFL!

Otis F

Just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I appreciate all you guys do. Your analysis and insight are amazing. I realize that today was a bad day, but you have nailed it lately. I have made money everyday this week with both your short and long trades.

Chris H

I know this isn’t where we want to be – oh how I wish it was early November still – but the advice to *NOT* do something is probably even more valuable right now. In the last month, I’ve taken all of my IRAs to cash because you guys hipped me to what’s going on and that has saved me a ton of money.

I’m still in, I’m worried where the end game is taking us though…

Thank t yourself and the team for the straight shooting information – I appreciate it.

Michael G

This market is completely unpredictable. I concur with your approach to switch from swing to day trading for a while. Although I am still learning and not replicating your results, I appreciate your service and recognize that you have been improving it regularly. Since I stared I have noticed much clearer and frequent communications on what you guys are doing and it has made Carnivore more valuable to me. Keep it up guys.


Carried my SQQQ call options over from Friday and made SERIOUS bank, even though I left a little money on the table this afternoon when it looked like things might turn up… Silly me, but the account is +187% YTD..

Spending tomorrow at the golf course where I will eat their finest steak and drink their most expensive bourbon!!

I know this market is oversold, but it can get a LOT more oversold. My bias is to be short until we get some multi day follow through to the upside.

You guys ROCK!!

Chris L

Thanks for paying for my annual subscription in 45 minutes!!


Wesley B

Good way to end a rough week. Love APPS and TQQQ this morning, keep em coming!

Gila H

You rocked it for me today, good thing I didn’t short yesterday, I didn’t know I needed a margin account! Never shorted a stock before. E*Trade had a 90 min wait! So blew off the short. (Thank goodness) But your calls today ROCKED! I appreciate you! Going hunting!

David Q

I’m turning 56 next month . I’ve been self  employed  since age 21. What you’ve taught me the last couple of months is invaluable . Just keep doing what you do . I believaaaahhh.  Yaaayaaahhhh

Dan H

Absolutely ROCKED it!!! You guys are total geniuses!!!

Jason M

Lost some this morning getting out of the longs. Made it all back and gonna finish solidly in the GREEN. Well done again boys…

Joe P

I read the Wrap every single day you put one out. I can never get enough of them. The charts you update nearly every day? Same. They’re a direct look into one of your processes. I love them. Keep em coming.

Wes R

I think you have been communicating really well through this fast paced environment and making some epic calls!!! Thanks for the guidance. I can honestly say that without Carnivore I would have lost a lot of money. Instead, I made money in some of the worst market days I’ve seen.

Kirk M

Hey, I made enough today following your trades to pay for an entire year of your subscriptions.

Do I questions some of your calls? Yes. Have I gotten burned ignoring your inputs? Of course.

I can’t tell you how many gains I’ve seen wiped out getting greedy.

Suggest you set up a phone line for some of the folks giving you push back: 1-800-WHA-AAAA! 😉

You’re cool.

Pat M

Damn it man, I have never been on this kind of amusement ride. All over the board with uvxy. Seatbelt is still buckled. I have never learned so much from someone I’ve never met.

Steve H

Your answer to “So how do I go about my life…” was heartwarming! One of these days it will be great to enjoy a steak and a beer with you (or glass of water if that works better!). Life and the world are so full of negativity, it is refreshing to read your thoughts in the wrap each night.

You guys rock!

Matt L

Joined a few months ago and have managed to keep my head above water with some epic and not so epic trades. I think your honest and sometimes hilarious commentary on the state of the economy/market are worth the price of admission alone!
You are doing the Lords work, keep it up!!

Hunter R

Badass day. Great call on the rally. You guys got balls. Made pretty good since joining your service, I’ve traded stocks for years but learn something every day with you guys.

Jason M

Good call on the YETI and VIVO, made my mortgage for the month on that one in about 25 minutes, well played boys.

Ricky P

Up 32.81% this week alone. I’m eating tomahawks steaks this weekend. Nice job, you guys rock…

Frank S

Let all the new people know, Member since March or so.  Bouncing along in the crappy market. 7/25 to 8/5 + 30K
I was with action alerts, This is much better!!!!!!
Good job boys

Chip S

I love you guys and what you are building! You have changed my life and I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have found you. The education I have received and the money made…….. INCREDIBLE!!!

Jim S

Another epic perfectly timed call by the wizards at Carnivore. Thank you the insight and timing. I worked out of all my longs, including the solars. Sold them all earlier and minimized the damage. Rotated into SPXU, SQQQ and UVXY. Portfolio at 1/3 each and maxed out. Absolutely killing it today. Up almost 4.5% for the day! Filet Mignon today! Let’s see how Cramer did today 😊

Travis R

You guys are genius and the amount of time you spend in the details is top level! The amount of time you have been in the market and the feel for things is clear.

Jeffrey H

Thanks for being Carnivores, best decision I made in a long time. I was a Carnivore when you still tracked members state by state. CFL

Chris L

If you remember, I joined you guys in April. I’ve been reading the books you recommended, religiously reading the Market Wrap, PreMarket Reports and of course the emails and texts. Can’t thank you enough for how much you guys have taught me.

Tonight I wanted to send along another thank you for your weightings explanation in the Market Wrap today. It made me realize that I was spending too much time trying to stay in step with your weightings rather than making the trades real time when I should. It’s just one more cool thing you’ve taught me over the past five months.

I know I’ve said it before, but please relay to Trader Z and Donk how much I appreciate what you and they do. Can’t thank you enough.

Proud to be a Carnivore!

Wes R

It’s been a while since I’ve sent a email but I’m still here! I had to send one today. The SQQQ trade…EPIC!! I am still holding as I type and it’s at 47.05 (NAS -127). Big Balls here. I know you know but your calls have been wizardly. Thanks for doing what you do for us CFLs. I’m eating smoked brisket this weekend. Hope you and the boys enjoy the labor day weekend. Be safe and have fun. Or don’t be safe and have fun

Karl H

I love when having conviction in a thesis pays off! I kept the SQQQ and SPXU on overnight, plus I still have some LNG and have been in TBT for the last 3 weeks…. I’m definitely eating steak tonight!

Powell F

Today is a bump in the road! So don’t kick yourself for covering yesterday! The important thing to remember is your assessment as to where we are in the economy and how the market has interpreted where we are …..IS DEAD ON RIGHT!!! You have had a great year and the 4th quarter will be good as well; so keep up the great work and remember, “YOU ARE THE BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN”

Sean B

I loved what you said on Friday and I never sold any of my SQQQ or my shorts.

Jason Z

Totally agree with the CPI.. took a SPXU call option late yesterday on a gamble the numbers would be shit. About to sell for a 68% gain.

Jeff H

Thanks for everything you are doing, keep up the good work and don’t let the market get you down. You guys are rockin it in a terrible year!

Allen C

Love your commentary each night! It’s one of the fun things that goes along with following the market, trading and banking beaucoup coinage!

Your assessment on WHR is spot on. I spoke with a homebuilders analyst at one of the top five brokerage firms and he’s expecting new home sales to drop by 30% from 2022 to 2023.

And guess what goes into new homes?…WHR products.

Keep on rocking’ it! You’re awesome!

216% in less than 9 months! Hoo-wah!!!

Drew E

Can’t say thank you enough. I manage a small fund in addition to my own personal accounts.

Signed up with you in March. After last month I finally recovered and got ahead in all accounts to make up for a disastrous first quarter.

Ahead in personal accounts
Ahead in hedge fund – and clients are thrilled

I don’t follow every move you call but I’ve certainly changed my tactics to align with your teachings. It’s awesome.

My wife works for a city – and is ready to be done. With the way I’m trading now she’s going to retire in early 2023. God Bless it.

So from this crusty old submariner – Thanks!

Howard C

I would have you guys on a livestream all day in the background while working. Maybe some fancy on-screen graphics with your live trade alerts in case I’ve got the volume down.

Enjoy the weekend. A few more hours of work on my end and then a ribeye and cocktails. Up 11% this week!

Allen C

Duuude…love your approach to this market!!

100% cash right now and up almost 200% YTD…this is space-alien-magician-gunslinger stuff!!

Be well and thanks for all your insight!

Jason M

I made 2% today on my account while the “money managers” lost 2-3% for their clients. That’s a 4% difference in one day…. Shut the fuck up.

I love you fuckers. I love you when you’re right or wrong, because I can see by what you write in the wraps that you guys are sincere in trying to help us achieve a goal. And that means more to logical thinking, thankful Carnivores than you guys may ever understand, including me. Keep being bad asses.

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