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Carnivore Trading Reviews

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It's worth every penny,

keep up the good work

-The Analogue Kidd

I read the Wrap every single day you put one out. I can never get enough of them. 

-Joe P

Everyone is losing,

but we keep going up!

-Charlie P

You guys have changed

my life.

-Chip S

Started in 1981 and I must say y’all are the best I have observed in a long, long while!

-Powell F

What Traders Say About Our Service

Video Reviews

Hear from some of our most devoted Carnivores For Life, or "CFLs", as

we call them, on why they keep coming back!

Special thanks to our good friend Michael G,
AKA "Godfather," for editing the reviews above.

Carnivore paid for [my new GTS] amigo 🙂 … I sure am fortunate to be able to utilize some great roads in some awesome scenery in the process … coupled with some Crazy Ted Stranglehold playing loud while ripping through some gears in the curves … simply driving nirvana in this piece of sublime German Engineering!


- Andy M

I am a new member. In 2005 instead of a “lose weight” New Year’s’ resolution, I resolved to learn to invest. Thus began 17 years of education, moving from investing, to trading stocks and options, at a cost more expensive than my education. As you can imagine, I have tried a variety of systems, some good, some worse than worthless. I would say I have become an excellent chart reader and technical analyst but have been a not so great $ manager, making the classic mistake of taking profits too early and letting losers run to near zero sometimes. You are right about doctors, we have trouble believing we are wrong LOL. Add eternal optimist and you have a recipe for disaster.

Your system has been quite enlightening for me and though you had a rough November I did alright anyway using your position management approach with some of my stock picks and sometimes options. Thank you for sharing your expertise; it seems you actually care about your members. I look forward to a long relationship with this group. Hope someday we can have a trading room. Wish I could make your Christmas party. Looks like it will be a blast.

- Bonnie G

These last couple of days have just been bare ass winners for me.

Changes the whole perspective going into 2023 for sure.

2022 was a rough year – I’m trading in a conventional IRA account so margin or direct shorting isn’t an option but the various ETFs you guys have hipped me to are game changers.

Ready for 2023 – there’s some trepidation but you gotta face this stuff head on. I respect and appreciate what you and the team are trying to do. This stuff is for real and it is the path to true freedom.

Please pass my respect along to Z and the rest of the crew. I appreciate what you’re all doing and think you’re really building a legacy – not just for yourselves but you’re doing it for a lot of other folks.

It all starts anew in a couple of days and I’m ready for it.

I’m in – CFL baby!

- Chris H

If you remember, I joined you guys in April. I’ve been reading the books you recommended, religiously reading the Market Wrap, PreMarket Reports and of course the emails and texts. Can’t thank you enough for how much you guys have taught me.

Tonight I wanted to send along another thank you for your weightings explanation in the Market Wrap today. It made me realize that I was spending too much time trying to stay in step with your weightings rather than making the trades real time when I should. It’s just one more cool thing you’ve taught me over the past five months.

I know I’ve said it before, but please relay to Trader Z and Donk how much I appreciate what you and they do. Can’t thank you enough.

Proud to be a Carnivore!

- Chris L

So I’ve been following the pack for about three months. I haven’t been making all of the same trades, but I prey on your thought process and rationale!!!  It’s helped me become a stronger trader… I’ve been making money and loosing it for years. But I’m now turning the corner with risk management. As I have read back in your earlier raps. I came across one where the chick hit a home run with TLRY and gave it all back. I was one of the dumb asses!!! I’ll never get attached again…. I also like that you play both sides of the trade it’s what makes you lead among your peers. Carnivore is exactly what I’ve been looking for and more…… Thanks

- John W

You guys are simply awesome. Never going back to CNBC, Cramer, Motley fool, Rebellion, Preston James, or any financial advisor at Schwab, Fidelity, Equitable or Morgan Stanley that just skim their 1% off the top without providing any value. Been with them all will never go back. You guys are simply awesome – doing great and I’ve only been with you a few weeks. Hope to join you in Las Vegas to help sharpen my skills. Very interested in how to trade ahead of resolution points – the options folks seem to wait for the resolution point to see what direction it will go, you guys make profits well in advance of that. Thanks

- Mark V

Can’t say thank you enough. I manage a small fund in addition to my own personal accounts.

Signed up with you in March. After last month I finally recovered and got ahead in all accounts to make up for a disastrous first quarter.

Ahead in personal accounts
Ahead in hedge fund – and clients are thrilled

I don’t follow every move you call but I’ve certainly changed my tactics to align with your teachings. It’s awesome.

My wife works for a city – and is ready to be done. With the way I’m trading now she’s going to retire in early 2023. God Bless it.

So from this crusty old submariner – Thanks!

- Drew E


I made about $25k on your stock pitches THIS WEEK, and the fucking week ain’t even over yet.

I have been a student of the stock market for 40 years, investing my own money for 35 years, and had a 20 year career in Wall Street research departments, I have an MBA and a CFA.

I have never had 4 days like this.

Thank you for your advice and for the fucking laughs.

You are the man, and I hope to meet you some day so I can buy you a drink.

- Charles L

Your answer to “So how do I go about my life…” was heartwarming! One of these days it will be great to enjoy a steak and a beer with you (or glass of water if that works better!). Life and the world are so full of negativity, it is refreshing to read your thoughts in the wrap each night.

You guys rock!

- Steve H

Making money in this market feels really good 🙂 Everyone else is losing, but we keep going up! Amazing job. Thanks for helping me pay for my kids’ college tuition.

- Charlie P

Just wanted to say a quick thanks to you and Trader Z for teaching me how to trade. I am 70 and just retiring. Always wanted to trade but frankly I was horrible. I am not a big trader or a candidate for your APEX program. Strictly small guy who doesn’t know nothing. But it is fun to make bank. Thats it. Thank you for helping make my retirement bearable.

- Lee P

You guys are the best trading ” newsletter ” or group I have ever used. I now have gains of 7.5% for the month. Your doing a great job and I look forward to working with you guys going forward

- Jonathan P

Where the hell have you guys been my entire investing life? Great day today, I’m pretty much going to lock in my profits and keep a couple positions overnight like TLT.

- Mark V

Those AAPL Puts were MONEY!!! Made 50% in 20 minutes :). Thanks guys! I’m having meat tonight!!

- Charlie P

I love when having conviction in a thesis pays off! I kept the SQQQ and SPXU on overnight, plus I still have some LNG and have been in TBT for the last 3 weeks…. I’m definitely eating steak tonight!

- Karl H

Thanks for being Carnivores, best decision I made in a long time. I was a Carnivore when you still tracked members state by state. CFL

- Jeffrey H

You guys are genius and the amount of time you spend in the details is top level! The amount of time you have been in the market and the feel for things is clear.

- Travis R

Another epic perfectly timed call by the wizards at Carnivore. Thank you the insight and timing. I worked out of all my longs, including the solars. Sold them all earlier and minimized the damage. Rotated into SPXU, SQQQ and UVXY. Portfolio at 1/3 each and maxed out. Absolutely killing it today. Up almost 4.5% for the day! Filet Mignon today! Let’s see how Cramer did today 😊

- Jim S

I love you guys and what you are building! You have changed my life and I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have found you. The education I have received and the money made…….. INCREDIBLE!!!

- Chip S

I think you have been communicating really well through this fast paced environment and making some epic calls!!! Thanks for the guidance. I can honestly say that without Carnivore I would have lost a lot of money. Instead, I made money in some of the worst market days I’ve seen.

- Wes R

I read the Wrap every single day you put one out. I can never get enough of them. The charts you update nearly every day? Same. They’re a direct look into one of your processes. I love them. Keep em coming.

- Joe P

Absolutely ROCKED it!!! You guys are total geniuses!!!

- Dan H

I’m turning 56 next month . I’ve been self  employed  since age 21. What you’ve taught me the last couple of months is invaluable . Just keep doing what you do . I believaaaahhh.  Yaaayaaahhhh

- David Q

You really out did yourselves on this one. This will help my wife and I get some new born diapers for our first kid. Thanks Carnivores. CFL!

- Bubba B

You guys rock! I started in this business in 1981 and I must say y’all are the best I have observed in a long, long while! And you speak my language. Thanks, I am a new subscriber!

- Powell F

THANK YOU FOR RWM, SQQQ & SPXU! For some idiot reason I thought those shorts were like shorting stocks and have never wanted to deal with them. Call it what you want, I call it


THANK YOU!!!!!!!

WHO DOES THE DAILY WRAP? It is so damn awesome. I read every word of it every day. The shit we hear from ‘experts’ on CNBC is so often (or always) self serving to drive their own investments, or meant to serve some other purpose than SHOOTING STRAIGHT AND BEING REAL!

So thanks to THE RAPPER whoever does it daily. I was early in the wrap when I read “Stock action continues to be shitty….” and thought “GOT I LOVE THE CARN BOYS!!!!! That’s how I talk and think. Thanks to him please!

Maybe his name is on the wrap, I will check when i get back to reading. I just had to shout out to you.

I banked $9,028 damn dollars today! My U stocks were all up, EVERY DAMN ONE OF THEM, on a down day (think about that one. SPROTT CEO was on CNBC yesterday. SPROTT bought URNM, it’s official on the 25th – it appears eyeballs are focusing in and maybe money is coming into this Scarcity Trade and the sector – at least today – does not follow the major indexes), and instead of dumping RWM I decided to hold in. I trimmed UUUU then each of the U stocks I own, at their highs today, and added to SQQQ and SPXU when you hit us up on that text. Then WHALLA!

Also I banked on MUSA, sold it in the green and put it in the shorts. When it all works, it is VERY SWEET!

YOU DA MAN DUTCHIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for all that you and your team do for us!

- Donny T

“I felt the need to express my appreciation for y’all’s overall service you are providing to your members. I truly feel that we were all cut from the same cloth. The perspective and language that comes through the writings in the Daily Wrap, it’s as if we were all old high school friends, now having adult conversations. It’s refreshing to read and hear the ‘truth‘ ring out in The Wrap. With all the BS on the web these days, it’s getting harder and harder to find ‘truth’ expressed with heartfelt honesty and authenticity.


As for the trading service that y’all are providing…it’s worth every penny! I started trading in February 2021. I approached this endeavor as a business-minded person. First I consulted with a colleague, and then invested in educational material and started slogging through all the “scam systems” and “get rich quick” garbage on the ‘interwebs’ related to trading stocks, and started building a foundation of discerned knowledge. I have a simple principle, and that is ‘ABL’ (Always be Learning) that I apply when gaining new knowledge, etc…


I know that learning to trade successfully is going to be a lifelong journey, and it’s like any other trade we learn in life; it takes time, commitment, practice, and most of all, learning from both my successes and failures.


The Carnivore service has made me a better trader overall, with regards to reading the technicals, understanding the importance of good underlying fundamentals, and more importantly, “the right mindset.” And at the same time, helping me build my confidence while keeping a realistic perspective on the market.


 The market is a “Psychological mind F#%?K!” The emotional roller coaster that starts every morning at 4 AM…greed, fear, euphoria, delusions of grandeur, and so on. The ‘Daily Wrap’ last Thursday, along with the midday email encouraging us to stay the course and not to panic and give the MMs what they want, was exactly what I needed to hear at that moment because my instinct is to sell and jump ship. My biggest problem is that I get out too soon, and when I do, the stock goes up, almost like clockwork. It’s as if the MMs knew that I just sold at the bottom and they were waiting just for me to sell like I was the last one left! Thanks for listening…and keep up the good work!”

- The AnalogKidd

Hey Dutch! I love you man!


One day at a time, my brother.

- Lee P


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