Carnivore Trading Portfolio Performance 1/1/23 through 3/20/23: +39.36%. See disclaimer.

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Trading stocks is a lot more fun when you’re making money doing it. That’s why we spend hours a day hunting the best stock picks for swing traders like you.  

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2022 Total Returns - S&P 500 vs Carnivore Trading Performance

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are professional Wall Street traders sharing our trades, our analysis, and some fun with you.


Dutch, Trader Z, and Jay are the key guys at Carnivore. Dutch is our head trader, Trader Z heads analysis and runs Vector Nostradamus, and Jay keeps the whole company humming. T-Bone is here for hands-on customer support.

Carnivore Trading’s core subscription costs $250/month. Subscribers who pay annually get two months for free.


What we do is worth $25,000/month to the big hedge funds, and we know a few services who charge that. That is not our mission. Our mission is to democratize investing for individuals like you. We want millions of Carnivores to have access to the power of what a real trading desk is doing in real time: the knowledge, the experience, AND the actual trades that our systems and traders are triggering.

For the advanced trader or hedge fund manager, we also offer a premium service called APEX PREDATOR for $1,500/month. APEX PREDATOR includes two weekly virtual meetings with our team, additional stock picks (both short and long-term), deep dive research and analysis with Trader Z, and much more. Check it out here.

No, we don’t want to run your account or manage your money. We share our stock picks, and you manage your own money by mirroring some or all of our trades in your own account. 

All types of investors use Carnivore Trading. The long-term investor loves how we discover often obscure, explosive companies that they can buy and hold. The options trader loves the explosive situations we find so they can get out in front of a powerful potential move in the near future.


The moderate trader loves getting into our positions with us, taking the profit when they explode, and moving on to the next idea. These traders usually stay with a position for 7-30 days, or sometimes up to 60 or 90 days if the stock is performing well.

We trade quality stocks with market caps over $300 million. No options, no penny stocks or OTC stocks, and NO weird, complicated strategies


While many options traders subscribe to our picks, we do not trade options ourselves. 

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In addition, you’ll receive a welcome email and our Daily Educational Email Program. Each day for 20 days, you will receive a new lesson teaching you more about how to trade like a Carnivore. Finally, new subscribers now get a free ebook version of our book, Lions of Wall of Street!

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