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Breaking Down The Systems

How To Work The System

How The System Works

VN finds the stocks – BITE finds the targets and time frames. Without VN BITE wouldn’t know what to buy. Without BITE VN wouldn’t know when to sell.


That’s kind of how they work together in a nutshell.


The complexity of what is in the systems is what we won’t bother you with – we go over it at The Academy, and we show you the systems we use and you can use some of them yourselves after that, but for now, let’s just leave it that these systems are state of the art, they’re proven to work on multiple time frames, they use AI, they use pattern recognition, they use fundamental analysis, they use trend following, and they generate real time buy and sell signals.


Below is a perfect example of how our two main systems work together.


Sector Analysis to Stock Analysis - VN


First, VN does its thing – a ton of things – looking at the sectors, then finding the stocks in the strong sectors, then using multiple pattern recognition software systems that are all slightly different in their algorithms and what they look for, we come across a small set of quality stocks with mojo that check all the boxes.


The selection process is very, very robust and its key to increasing our odds of finding a stock that is going to do what we want, and then position us for an explosive move.


Stock Analysis to Chart Analysis - BITE


Then, those stocks are fed into BITE. BITE works best on a swing trade type of time frame. Not day trading – not long long term – just 7-60 days. What it’s looking for is a pattern we really like that VN has already said is probably in place.


BITE then literally draws the pattern into the chart and shows us what we’ve got as far as a resolution date, potential price targets and in what time frame those targets might be met based upon the trend and the pattern.


Example in Context

A fantastic example of this is below with TTD. VN loved the stock in general. And then BITE saw it around June 1 when it started to rocket up with a strong green bar. And that’s when we hit it. At $71 around June 1. Now $85+ today 6 weeks later.


After we got the initial trade done at $71 it started to “float” after that from $74 to around 79 as it came into the end of the cone in an ascending triangle pattern.This “floating” action is like the stock telling you that its getting ready to move up explosively and its giving you a heads up, a chance to get in before that happens.


It usually doesn’t last long, this floating movement – maybe a week or two at most – then the stock explodes. I didn’t change a thing on the chart we pulled on it on June 1 – you see it below with the original notations. This is just like what we put at the end of the WRAP every damn day for all the Carnivores to see – and hopefully see what we’re seeing.


We said the target was around $84 by August 7 with a resolution date around July 21. And as seems to happy so often, in a decent market environment, the stock approaches its resolution date, at the end of the triangles cone, it jumps like a maniac out of the pattern. It leaves its previous level of energy and jumps up to a new, higher level of energy. We call that “jumping the Torus”. Google “What is a Torus” and you’ll go down a pretty dep scientific rabbit hole.


But that’s the stuff we’re into – not kidding. Everything is energy and movement, and stocks aren’t any different. Target was achieved on 7/12 about a week before the resolution date, 5 weeks from the buy trigger. It is uncanny how often this happens for us with these systems working together like this.


All we – and you – have to do is trust the systems, and apply the methodology of cutting losers fast and adding to winners, and you should make real money in the markets over time.