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ROUND ROOM no border jpg 2In the past few years, Carnivore Trading has become legendary for its stock picking, its market timing calls, and for having an army of extremely loyal followers that have learned to trade “the Carnivore Way”. Using a multi-disciplinary approach to the markets, even in 2022– the worst stock and bond market in history perhaps – Carnivore Trading’s Model Portfolio delivered 300%+ returns in a single year. The methodology, the philosophies, the techniques and strategies behind what Carnivores founding partners do every day has been encapsulated into a 4 day program at the Carnivore Academy’s location in exciting Las Vegas Nevada. The power of learning in real time, firsthand, at the side of the trading masters at Carnivore Trading drives home the Carnivore Way in such a clear manner that one cannot help but to leave well on their way to becoming what we call “Hall of Fame Traders”.


At the Academy, you are submerged in the exciting world of trading for living and learn how you can produce returns of 50%, 100% or 300% a year trading the Carnivore Way. Your skills will have been amplified to a whole new level. You will trade better, you will think about losses differently, and in general, you will learn that just about everything you’ve been taught and told about stock trading is wrong. You will discover exactly how to make triple digit returns in every kind of market without using penny stocks, options or any weird strategies.