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Join us for access to hyper-specific actionable retirement savings insights, based on real-time market research from veteran Wall Street investors.


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For too long, quality, specific information on safeguarding retirement has been accessible only to a select few. We aim to change the game, offering countless individuals concerned about their retirement strategy access to professional-grade financial information.

With our reports, not only will you gain actionable insights in under 10 minutes, but you'll also have a suite of resources to deepen your understanding of the foundational concepts.

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Navigating Retirement Shouldn't Be Another Job.

Studies show that the goal to aim for with retirement savings is 1.7 million, but no one gives you a direct path to getting there.

Earning and putting money aside should be enough, but for low cost, no one in the industry teaches you how you can grow it most efficiently - until us.

Our suite of real-life financial industry veterans with an average of 20+ years on Wall Street use the same systems that led to 344.95% YTD returns to bring you a retirement solution.

When dealing with your future, we want to ensure you pick the best strategy, armed with knowledge and actionable resources, to make your savings work for you.


"I was tired of feeling anxious about not knowing how to make sure I was ready for retirement, Wizard took the guesswork out of it."

— Connor
Carnivore Trading Alumni

"The monthly reports kept me laughing and learning in equal amounts."


"For the first time since I got advice from my dad i've felt comfortable with my plan and the returns are incredible."

— Macy A
Masters Student

Worried About Getting To a Comfortable Retirement?

You are not alone. 60% of Americans don't believe they will make it to a comfortable retirement. It's our mission to fix that.

Our leaders have spent 20+ years studying market conditions to provide you with a proven retirement strategy all in one place to reduce timestress, and effort.

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