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Overall Market Report

July was a solid month for most of the indices, as we observed a broadening of the gains to now include the Russell 2000 stocks. We see positive signs in the Dow, S&P, and Nasdaq, as they appear to be consolidating gains and potentially building a new base.

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates another 0.25%, as expected, and the markets received it well. We anticipate perhaps one more raise this year, but we firmly believe rates will begin to fall in 1Q 2024. This is all bullish for equity markets.

Index Breakdown

One way we assess the market's health is through indexes. Each of these indexes tracks a collection of stocks. Together, these four indexes give a pretty comprehensive view of the market health and can help steer you in the right financial direction.


+ 8.9%



S&P 500

+ 6.36%

Russell 2000

+ 8.07%

Sector Analysis

On a more granular level than indexes, sectors tell us a more specific story of what is going on. There are 11 sectors, and all publicly traded stocks exist in one of them. With our systems tracking the performance of each sector, we get a more precise view of what's working and what is not.


Tech is struggling but we think eventually the market will have to get back to TechLand.


Oil and gas are currently doing just OK.


Tech is struggling but we think eventually the market will have to get back to TechLand.


There's less innovation and opportunity for fast growth in the materials sector right now.

Real Estate

Real Estate industry, expecting annual earnings growth of 30ish over the next 5 years.


With Ozempic becoming widespread, healthcare sector is flourishing.


Financial Service sector not looking great as earnings seem to halt.


Big names in the communication space seem to be holding strong.


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Consumer Discretionary

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Consumer Staples

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