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Stock Trading Terms to Know

  • Buy

    You are instructing your broker to buy a stock for you.

  • Market Order

    Market Orders tell a brokerage that we want to buy or sell a stock at whatever price it’s trading at. We might enter this order when...

  • Limit Order

    Limit orders set the price at which we want to be filled on a buy or sell order. The limit order is great to use when we see a stock...

  • IPO (Initial Public Offering)

    The initial public offering (IPO) of a company is the day that...

  • Position Sizing

    When we enter a position, even if we don’t say it in the text, it is usually small.  If we’re going large or medium, we try...

  • ETF + Inverse ETF

    Similar to mutual funds are the Exchange Traded Fund (ETFs). The primary difference is that ETFs can...

  • Profit Factor

    Profit Factor (PF) is a metric for measuring success. It is one of...

  • Sucker Pop

    A sucker pop is when the market makers have a lot of inventory left over from the previous day that they want to sell...

  • The Box

    Carnivores will often hear Dutch say that a stock is “in the box.”  What he means is that a stock is in a consolidation...