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Stock Trading Terms & Wall Street Lingo

Placing Orders & Related Terms

Stock market terminology related to placing orders. 



Market Order

Limit Order

Day Order

Good-til-Canceled Order

Also: GTD Order

All-or-None Order

Stop-Loss / Trailing Stop-Loss


Also: Ask, Offer, Spread.

Market Maker

Account-Types & Related Terms

Terminology related to accounts, funds, stock brokers, and more.

Short Selling / Short Trade

Also: Shorting


Also: Leverage

Position Sizing

Mutual Fund

ETF / Inverse ETF

Managed Account

Financial Advisor / Stock Broker

IPO (Initial Public Offering)

Bull & Bear Market Terms

Terminology related to market conditions and types of trades.

Trend Following

Bull Market

Bear Market

Also known as:


Also: Leverage

Entry Point


Pyramiding / Scaling

Pairs Trade (Long-Short)

Also known as:

Our Favorite Stock Trading Slang

Stock market terminology related to accounts, funds, stock brokers, and more.

Sucker Pop

The Box

Torus (Jumping the Torus)

Profit Factor

Hall-of-Fame Trader


Resources for Stock Traders & Investors


Listen to our Wall Street investors break down their favorite books on stock trading.

best stock picking services for swing traders

Compare performance and reviews of services like Trade Ideas, SwingTrader, Mindful Trader and more. 

how to find great stocks for swing trading

Walk through the stock screening process we use to find explosive swing trades.

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For active traders looking for real-time stock trades to boost their portfolio.