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Web Shows for Traders & Active Investors

Deep dives with our resident genius Trader Z. Live pre-market streams with Dutch masters. Weekly zooms where you can ask any questions on your mind with no bullsh*t answers. Carnivore has got it all. Become a humble, smart trader and have an awesome time doing it.

Shows for Traders & Investors

Dutch Masters Live

Everyone needs a coach before the race starts, join Carnivore's Dutch Masters to unpack how Carnivores attack the trading day before markets open every single week.

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Carnivore Weekly Call

Each week we have our team of traders, panelists, and Pro subscribers unpack the market.  From stock portfolios to fun news, to earnings reviews, we've got it all.

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Trader Z's Office Hours

Each week Trader Z reminds us of how off the charts brilliant he is with a market analysis debrief call. Our Carnivores ask him burning questions on hot topics like Crypto, AI, and more.

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Dutch Masters Live

Weekly Call Highlights

Trader Z Office Hours

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