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Performance Chart

Performance Over Everything

Since we started years ago, Carnivore has never had a year without three-digit returns. Leaving their Wall Street professions to make high-quality stock information accessible, our traders are committed to excellence in performance.

What You Get As A Carnivore

It's not just stock ideas. Your subscription includes daily analysis, real-time alerts, live shows, and the best community of traders on the web.

Real-Time Trade Alerts

Follow along the PRO portfolio with real-time trade alerts and swing trade signals delivered to your phone and/or computer.

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Weekly Call w/ Pro Traders

Join us + our panel of professional traders + the rest of Carnivore Trading fam on our weekly PRO calls. Hosted on Zoom, we discuss our market analysis, stock ideas, recent trades and more. Plus the Q&As kick ass, stop missing out!



Daily Market Wrap

The Daily Wrap is an old school beast of a market report. Delivered after market close every day, it includes stock research, technical analysis, fundamental research, commentary and more from Dutch & Trader Z.

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Carnivore Trading App

The Carnivore app brings live alerts, positions, and daily wraps to one central spot on your phone. Access your high-quality information instantly wherever you are. No more Carnivore FOMO or inbox-overload.

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Never Trade Alone

Take full advantage of the Carnivore family where we refuse to let trading be a lonely process. Our expert traders are always there to guide you, and our educational resources are designed to make trading fun and easy. Join us today, and become a better trader at any level.


What Traders Say About Our Service

Our Stock Trading Strategy

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  1. We use two systems together to screen stocks for us - Vector Nostradamus and BITE.

  2. We combine proprietary algorithms and good, old-fashioned stock market analysis that to find winning trade ideas on short and medium time frames.

  3. Then we screen every stock idea manually. We filter these ideas down with macroeconomic research, sector analysis technical analysis, fundamental research, and sometimes, sanity checks with other professional traders.

This is a Quantamental approach to trading. Straightforward, far from simple, and lonely as hell when you do it alone. So why not sign up for a free trial, join a weekly PRO call, and learn to do it with us?

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What Subscribers Say


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How To Get Started


Make sure you have a place to trade

You begin by opening an account at a discount brokerage firm that allows you to trade cheaply or, preferably, for free. There are many available today. Just Google “commission free trading,” and you will see them all. We at Carnivore do not want your investment account. We do not manage your money – you do!

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Next, you sign up for Carnivore Trading’s FREE TRIAL.

You will then begin to receive the live instant text alerts, showing you the trades we are doing in real time. We share both Buy and Sell orders. You will also receive a welcome email with a helpful Quick Start Guide. At the end of each trading day, you will get the Daily Wrap.

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Finally, you decide whether you want to do the trades, or not.

It’s your choice. If you choose to do the trades, simply enter them in your online brokerage account. Of course, there is no contract. You can cancel your subscription at any time.



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