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Carnivore Trading

Learn about the Professional Traders behind your online trading desk.

Let us show you the method behind our madness.

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What is Carnivore Trading?

Our goal is to teach YOU how to make great trades, so you can make real money.


Carnivore Trading provides real-time trade alerts, financial research, and entertainment through our subscription service that allows our members to get into the information flow of a real professional trading desk. We allow you to look over our shoulders at the trades, read the analysis and thought process behind them, and then follow along our trading journey. Our goal is to help YOU become a great trader, and to help you achieve True Freedom. Subscribers receive real-time texts of real trades every trading day. They receive an emailed premarket review, a mid-day report, and updates throughout most trading days. They also receive the Daily Market Wrap at the end of each trading day that provides an entertaining analysis of the day’s events, trading activity, and incredible market insights of our head trader Dutch Masters, and our head market strategist Trader Z. Additionally, subscribers receive live trading weekly calls with our traders. All of this is being driven by their proprietary decision support system, Vector Nostradamus.

About Our Traders

Carnivore Trading was founded by Dutch Masters, Trader Z, and Jay, all former Wall Street veterans with a combined 100+ years of trading experience. We have worked together at some of the biggest and best firms on Wall Street. Through trial and error, we have discovered what works. The only way to survive in our line of work is to experience the ups and downs of the market, to make money, to lose money, to celebrate and to suffer. Our lengthy time spent trading the markets has left us with great insight and plenty of scars. We have developed our own proprietary decision support system Vector Nostradamus through decades of research. We are the grizzled old veterans of the Wall Street that was, and we’re here to share our trading knowledge and expertise with you.


We have worked together at some of the biggest and best firms on Wall Street, including:

J.P. Morgan

Bear Stearns

Deutsche Bank

Merrill Lynch

BT Alex Brown / Bankers Trust


dutch masters - carnivore trading cofounder
trader z - carnivore trading
jay adams - carnivore trading

Meet the explosive, prolific, and endlessly entertaining Dutch Masters. An expert when it comes to trading psychology, market trends, and short-selling, Dutch the kind of trader that seems to "feel" the trades coming -- and when he's hot there is nobody hotter!


He looks like Hulk Hogan, rides motorcycles, and practically lives at the trading desk.


Read his uncensored and unapologetically hilarious commentary in the Daily Wrap, or ask him a question on our Weekly Calls.

Meet our resident trading genius, Trader Z. Whether written in the Wrap or presented live, his analysis is clear, concise, and systematic.


He's a quantamental analyst that's convinced us all that the Law of Vibration applies to the stock market. His systems, Vector Nostradamus and BITE, fuel the winning ideas that attract lifetime traders to our community.


He's a family-oriented man that appreciates his privacy. But you can catch him on a Weekly Call, read his analysis in the Daily Wrap, or follow his thoughts on X.

This is Jay, the middle child of the three that thankfully keeps this whole operation running.


When Jay's not doing deals or analysis, he and LOVES to cook -- and folks let me tell you... this man will grill you a steak that melts your face off it tastes so good (you just have to come to an Academy for that).


Connect with him in the chat of our Weekly Calls, or reach out on email or LinkedIn (if he lets me put it in here).

How To Get Started


Make sure you have a place to trade

You begin by opening an account at a discount brokerage firm that allows you to trade cheaply or, preferably, for free. There are many available today. Just Google “commission free trading,” and you will see them all. We at Carnivore do not want your investment account. We do not manage your money – you do!


Next, you sign up for Carnivore Trading’s FREE TRIAL.

You will then begin to receive the live instant text alerts, showing you the trades we are doing in real time. We share both Buy and Sell orders. You will also receive a welcome email with a helpful Quick Start Guide. At the end of each trading day, you will get the Daily Wrap.


Finally, you decide whether you want to do the trades, or not.

It’s your choice. If you choose to do the trades, simply enter them in your online brokerage account. Of course, there is no contract. You can cancel your subscription at any time.


Our Defining Goal - True freedom

Acheiving True Freedom by Democratizing Access to Professional Grade Investing

In short, the WHY of Carnivore is to help and inspire our subscribers to achieve True Freedom. True Freedom is the financial independence that allows you to take control of your life. You are the boss. You make the choices. You are not controlled by anyone else. This is personal. Be free. You are the hunter now. Live like a lion.


We believe that Wall Street has lost its way and that a new paradigm has emerged. The emergence of zero-commission trading has opened the eyes of the public. A populist stock trading movement has taken hold, as people of all backgrounds have become eager to take control of their personal finances.


Meanwhile, Wall Street and its “Financial Advisors” have gone down the path of institutionalized mediocrity. The industry focus is on gathering assets and charging a fee, not on producing returns for their clients. Critical to their mission is convincing the public that 7-8% annual returns are reasonable, even special.


We disagree. We believe that the old school discipline of actively trading stocks can produce far better results. Make no mistake, this is not easy. We do not “blow smoke.” You will have losing trades at times. A proper trading system must include fundamental and technical research. It requires daily attention during and after trading hours. It demands that traders try to take the human emotion out of the equation. It takes time and dedication, patience and resilience.

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